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Latitude & Longitude.

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1 Latitude & Longitude

2 Latitude Latitude lines run west and east
Latitude lines measure north and south of the Equator Latitude lines never meet, touch, cross, and or intersect. Latitude lines are called Parallels

3 Latitude

4 Longitude Longitude lines run north and south
Longitude lines measure west and east of the Prime Meridian Longitude lines begin and end at the North and South Pole Longitude lines are called Meridians

5 Longitude

6 Grid System Latitude lines and Longitude lines form the Earth’s Grid System Grid System provides a systematic way of locating places Grid System provides Absolute Location Latitude is always first 40°N Longitude is always second 75°W Absolute Location (40°N,75°W) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA – North America

7 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8 (41*N,74*W) New York City, New York – USA – North America

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