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Egyptian Gods Ms. Barker 6th Grade SS.

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1 Egyptian Gods Ms. Barker 6th Grade SS

2 Osiris God of The dead Symbolic Dress: of a man wrapped in white as a mummy, a white tall crown with ostrich feathers Other info: father of Horus, married to ISIS, taught farming, brother to Seth

3 Osiris God of the Dead

4 Seth God of: Desert, Storms, and Violence
Mask: animals head, long curved pointed snout, slanting eyes, and square tipped ears Other symbols: Forked Tail Other info: killed his brother Osiris, was banished to the desert

5 Seth God of Desert, Storms, and Violence

6 ISIS Queen of the Goddesses Crown: Sun disk crown with horns
Other symbols: depicted on a throne holding her baby, Horus Other info: mother goddess, healer and magician, Wife to Osiris

7 ISIS Queen of Goddesses

8 Horus Crown: Two parts- white was upper Egypt, red was lower Egypt
Ruled: United Egypt Other Info: Eye of Horus became a amulet, has a mans body and a Hawks head, Son of ISIS and OSIRIS

9 Horus Mans body Hawks Head

10 Anubis God of the Underworld Mask: head of a Jackal or Dog
Invented: Embalming, created Egypt's first mummy Osiris Guide: of the dead. Anubis would guide Egyptians through the Hall of the Dead

11 Anubis God of Embalming

12 Thoth God of: Wisdom, Time, Writing, and the moon
Mask: Head of Ibis (stork like bird with a long beak) Invented: Hieroglyphics, The Egyptian writing system Other info: Records outcomes of the “Weighing of the Heart Ceremony”

13 Thoth God of Writing

14 RA (RE) God of the sun Mask: as a falcon with his sun disc adorned atop accompanied by the cobra Other info: Father of the gods, signifies the cycle of birth, life and death Ra is perpetually resurrected in the mornings, he rides across the sky during the day and at sunset he is swallowed by the goddess Nut, only for her to give birth to him in the morning.

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