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Saturday 26th March Arrival of Dutch people in Italy with welcome party at school.

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1 Saturday 26th March Arrival of Dutch people in Italy with welcome party at school

2 Italian Sunday 27-03-2011 - Morning in the host family Picnic in Park Morandi Spending the morning in bed Cycling Going to a volleyball or hockey match Climbing the belltower of the church in Limena Going to the church Exploring the neighbourhood - Party at day in the mansion of linda till 23:00 - Mattinata nelle famiglie Picnic nel Parco Morandi Passare la mattinata a letto Correre in bicicletta Andare ad una partita di hockey o pallavolo Salire sul campanile di Limena Andare in chiesa Esplorare il quartiere - Festa a casa della Linda fino alle 23:00 Domenica in Italia 27-03-2011

3 Sunday in the Netherlands - Sunday 06-02-2011: Arrival: 19:00 Welcome reception Evening at host family - Prima domenica 06-02- 2011: Arrivo: 19:00 Accoglienza a scuola Serata nelle famiglie Domenica in Olanda


5 Monday in Padua

6 Morning in Padua Welcome in Italy and tour of the school

7 Afternoon in Padua Tour in Padua

8 Evening in Padua Pooling and bowling

9 Tuesday 29/03/11 VENICE In the morning at school we presented Venice with a power point. We walked until Rialto and had some free time: someone went shopping, someone else sunbathed next to the water. We took the train and we arrived at 11 am.

10 Tuesday 29/03/11 VENICE We walked to Piazza San Marco. Someone entered the Basilica of San Marco

11 Tuesday 29/03/11 VENICE And about the Palazzo Ducale We talked about the Clock Tower

12 Tuesday 29/03/11 VENICE We had some free time… Someone went in the gardens next to Piazza San Marco But someone… Somebody took an icecream… Missed the train back home!

13 Wednesday We went to the city center where we visited Palazzo della Ragione, the Town Hall and the University of Padua Bo. In the morning we worked on the project

14 Then we went to visit the Pedrocchi café, the squares, the Cathedral of Padua and the Baptistery. We had a lunch in Giardini dellArena, after the Dutch students visited the famous Scrovegni Chapel.

15 In the evening we ate all together a pizza for Rogers birthday!

16 THURSDAY in VERONA Giuliettas house Veronas Arena Palazzo della Ragione Piazza delle Erbe (herbs square)

17 Giuliettas house It seems that this is the real place where happened the famous balcony scene from Shakespeares tragedy. There is a little Giuliettas statue. The wall near the gate is very famous because every lovers write something on it.

18 Veronas Arena We visited Veronas Arena during the morning and it was very beautiful.

19 Palazzo della ragione The palace was the seat of the Municipality and hosted for a long time the Magistrates Court and the Court of Assizes. We visited it during the morning.

20 Piazza delle erbe It is the oldest square in Verona, and lies above the area of the Roman forum. We visited it during the morning with our guide

21 Sirmione Sirmione is a peninsula situated in Gardas Lake. It is very famous for Catullos caves. It is a very important tourist attraction for the beauty of the landscape and we visited it during the afternoon.


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