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1 Kuwait Central Agency for information technology.

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1 1 Kuwait Central Agency for information technology


3 3 Challenge is to increase the number of government e-services Interactive Transactions 887 Information Services 260 Comprehensive electronic services electronic payment interactive services 1147 The total number of portal services e-Gov Portal

4 4 Monitoring and Control CenterGovernment Agencies Security devices A sophisticated mechanism network connecting 56 government entity currently Government information exchange around the clock, fast speeds and high levels of security and confidentiality. The availability of infrastructure for the development of e-government services, running applications such as the integrated system and financial systems of all government agencies concerned. Saving the cost of running hardware and services networks linking government agencies Kuwait information Network

5 5 Work according to international standards Provide high reliability of the devices and services center Work 24/7 The discovery of a proactive crashes Instantaneous control of each appliance Network Operation Center

6 6 KGCC – Kuwait Government Call Center – ( 164 ) KGCC delivers customer service and help to citizens, residents and visitors of Kuwait. KGCC is a 24-hour facility that serves all users of the e-Government electronic services. ( KGCC delivers a wealth of integrated, state of the art services in accordance with the highest, world class criteria. Multi-channel communication services, phone calls e-mail, electronic chatting A sophisticated IVR system that automatically detects calls and transfer them to available agent. Both Arabic and English are supported. A complaint management system that handles call until the case is closed.

7 National Center for Computer Emergency The provision of IT infrastructure to deal with the risks related to information security, intrusion and cyber crime. Includes the rehabilitation of Emergency Response Computer. Establish a capability to quickly and effectively coordinate communication among experts during security emergencies in order to prevent future incidents. Build an awareness of security issues across the Internet community in the state of Kuwait. 8 CERT

8 8 National Project for electronic correspondence Morasalat Online The exchange of documents and correspondence electronically between government agencies (G2G) with high levels of confidentiality and privacy. Achieving the integration between the governmental authorities in order to accelerate the work execution. Improve the competency of governmental performance. Facilitation and simplification of governmental procedures in order to offer a better service to all the categories of the society. Creation of a new generation of national staff capable of dealing with this type of technology. G2G

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