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Sustainability Policy. Introduction 2 We understand that the decisions we make as a company have an impact on the ecological, social, cultural, and economic.

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1 Sustainability Policy

2 Introduction 2 We understand that the decisions we make as a company have an impact on the ecological, social, cultural, and economic environment in which we live and carry out business. PPD has developed this sustainability policy because we believe the largest area of opportunity for us to make a positive impact relates to the natural environment. We feel very fortunate to live and work in one of the world’s most beautiful natural areas and we want to operate a profitable company that encourages economic prosperity in our region while ensuring long term ecological stability for our children.

3 Commitment Statement 3 “PPD Restorations will follow our corporate sustainability policy and incorporate the principals of environmental stewardship in our operations. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our business practices while contributing to the economic, social and ecological health of the planet.”

4 Definition of a Sustainable Restoration Company 4 We believe a sustainable restoration company is one that:  reuses, recycles and diverts all waste materials from landfills whenever possible  limits emissions and waste wherever possible by minimizing the use of non-renewable resources  practices a purchasing policy that focuses on choosing Eco-Friendly products

5 Sustainability Policy 5  Incorporate sustainability commitments into our business processes and practices  Develop and implement a corporate sustainability strategy focused on environmental stewardship and impact reduction  Set economic and environmental targets appropriate to our vision and values and align them with the those of our industry partners  Make decisions that consider economic, social, and environmental objectives and reflect our commitment to sustainability and leadership in our industry  Aim for continual innovation and improvement in all aspects of our business to reach our goals As a Company, we will:

6 Main Focus Areas 6 PPD has identified the following three business practices as the largest areas of opportunities for our company to make a positive impact: 1)Waste Reduction & Disposal 2)Use of Chemicals 3)Vehicle Emissions The following pages describe the commitment and goals that PPD has made in these areas.

7 Reduction of Impact on Waste Stream 7 PPD is subject to mandatory adherence to municipal and provincial regulations which dictate how we dispose of the waste as a result of our operations. Most of these regulations fall under the legislation provided by the Environmental Management Act of the Province of British Columbia. Our goals are:  Maintain constant adherence to disposal regulations by remaining educated about policy changes as they are introduced  Exceed the minimum requirements set out by the regulations whenever possible  Engage in developing relationships with community programs that accept contributions that use waste materials for alternative uses rather than simply recycling those materials  Eliminate waste wherever possible by using new techniques like Advanced Structural Drying that do not require demolition of damaged material but instead allow us to dry damaged material in place thereby eliminating waste as well as the impact of the purchase of replacement materials  Purchase and Use of Eco-Friendly certified products wherever possible

8 Use of Chemical Products 8 The use of chemical products is an unavoidable requirement in the restoration process. Chemical products are used to clean, disinfect and eliminate bacteria and mold that threaten human health. PPD recognizes that the elimination of mold and bacteria can be achieved without causing unnecessary negative impact on people and the environment. PPD is committed to:  Purchase and use of Eco-Friendly and biodegradable products whenever possible  Replacement of non-Eco Friendly products with new options as they become available  Engage our suppliers in supporting packaging stewardship opportunities whenever possible

9 Vehicle Emissions 9 Currently PPD operates a fleet of vehicles. As a rapidly growing company we recognize that this number will increase over the next 5 years along with the average number of kilometers each vehicle travels per year. PPD is committed to:  Continue to cross train staff to decrease the number of vehicle trips required in order to complete projects  Purchase vehicles with the lowest fuel consumption and emission outputs possible as we add vehicles to our fleet  Research the feasibility of introducing alternative fuel and or electric vehicles into our fleet

10 Commitment Regarding our Top 3 Areas of Opportunity 10 Over the next 5 years (2015-2020) PPD is committed to being an industry leader in our region in the areas of Waste Reduction, Chemical Usage and Vehicle Emissions. PPD will continually assess our progress and work toward the creation of defined and measurable targets in these and other areas of opportunity regarding sustainable business practices. We strongly feel that the time and energy invested in improving our sustainable practices will increase our competitive advantage in the market while positively impacting the environment.

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