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University Travel Insurance Stephen Couch 14 th June 2014.

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1 University Travel Insurance Stephen Couch 14 th June 2014

2 Who do we insure with? A large global insurer with headquarters in the USA

3 Who do we insure with? A large global insurer with headquarters in the USA Wide cover and high limits

4 Who do we insure with? A large global insurer with headquarters in the USA Support provided 24/7 Wide cover and high limits

5 What is covered? Not everything, but the cover is wider than you would find in a personal travel policy Highlights No excess Can cover up to 18 months Medical cover is Unlimited – but a few exclusions Personal Liability cover up to £5m Personal Belongings – Up to £10,000 Emergency Repatriation Expenses - Unlimited

6 Medical Exclusions The company will not be liable for any claim: 1.Where an insured person is travelling against the advice of a Medical Practitioner 2.Where the purpose of the trip is to receive medical treatment or advice 3.As a result of the use by an Insured Person of non-prescribed drugs which cannot be legally obtained from the pharmacy 4.As a result of suicide, attempted suicide or self inflicted injury 5.Any expense in excess of £50,000 incurred as the result of treatment to a child who has been born outside the United Kingdom during an insured trip: a)While such child is under the age of six months; or b)Unless, on the attaining of the age of six months, the child has been declared healthy by a Medical Practitioner 6.The amount of the excess shown in the schedule 7.Any expenses incurred 12 months or more after the time of incurring the first expense or after the first treatment arose 8.Any expenses which are recovered from any national insurance programme which is applicable to the Insured Person

7 Reasonable Care The insured and each insured person must take reasonable steps to avoid and/or minimise any loss or damage and must also make every effort to recover property which has been lost or stolen.

8 Side Trips or Extensions If you decide to do a side trip whilst you are in the nominated country then you should arrange separate cover. If you decided to stay beyond the end of your placement then you need to arrange cover.

9 Dangerous Activities No exclusions...BUT Sensible precautions should be taken Do not undertake any activity if you are under the influence of alcohol or medication which would impair your ability Do not take part if you have doubts about the provider Make sure the provider is experienced in what they are providing Make sure appropriate and well maintained safety equipment is provided Try and find out any information on the insurance arrangements of the providers Don’t undertake the activity if you have a medical condition or phobia that could make the activity unsafe Don’t go beyond your limits – know your capabilities

10 Additional Services Health Information Country Guides Travel Security Advice Medical Assistance Travel Alerts Emergency Travel Assistance

11 Travel Guard


13 Claims Concierge Personal property, baggage delay and money claims can be agreed in less than 15 minutes. A call to the Concierge Claims Service (open 08.00 to 18.00 UK time, Mon.-Fri.)* with full details of the loss will enable our claims handler to approve a covered claim there and then in the majority of cases – no claim forms required. Payment will follow as quickly as it takes to get the money to the nominated bank account. But be aware...........

14 Have a safe journey & enriching experience Which one would you prefer to arrive home in?

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