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Ultralight airplane MP-02 Czajka

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1 Ultralight airplane MP-02 Czajka
Prepared by: Alicja Szuster – Rzeszów University of Technology Amadeusz Rękosiewicz – Rzeszów Univ. of Tech. Lesław Wilk – President of the Aero-Kros Ltd.

2 ILA Berlin Air Show 2010


4 Technical data: Maximum take-off weight: 450/472,5 [kg]
Vne: [km/h] Maximum crusing speed: 230 [km/h] Cruising speed: [km/h] Minimum speed: 65 [km/h] Fuel consumption: [l/h] Take-off run: [m] Landing run: [m] Climbing speed: 6,5 [m/s] G-loads: +4/-2 g

5 Standard equipment Engine: Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP)
Propeller: Three-bladed by DUC Rescue rocket system Indicators: Speed indicator Altimiter Compass Fuel gauge Tachometer Oil pressure gauge Oil temperature gauge Liquid temperature gauge

6 Localization of the company

7 The Company Located in Krosno
Came into being in 2007 on the basis of Central Aviation and Technical School of Polish Aeroclub In total over 50 years of experience 1700 gliders and 500 planes repaired 450 ultralights manufactured Since Part 145 Member of the Aviation Valley

8 Summary of the trade fairs in Berlin
Great interest in Czajka Several offers of being a dealer (territory of Germany and Australia) Interest from EADS and Airbus regarding cooperation with the Aero-Kros Propositions of presentation Czajka in an aviation magazines from South Africa (World Airnews) and India (The STAT – Aviation Tourism Shipping Transport)

9 Thank you for your attention.

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