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Resistance Training Rehab

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1 Resistance Training Rehab
By: Matt Sullivan

2 Resistance Bands Cost: $35.95
Purpose: Resistance bands are a great alternative to weights. They can be used to strengthen areas of injury and increase range of motion. Where to Buy it: components-membership- LIVEEXERCISE/dp/B006NZZH18/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid= & sr=8-1&keywords=bodylastics

3 Why Resistance Bands 33 levels of resistance in 5 bands
Take up much less area when compared to weight sets Good for core, arm, leg, chest and shoulder exercises

4 Light Dumbbell Set Cost: $59.85
Purpose: Lighter weight for people who are not healthy or strong enough to handle resistance band workouts. Can also do lifts that the resistance bands do not offer Where To buy it: o?code=CSE_SHOPPING&mr:referralID=1de262bc-3b66-11e3-bae4- 001b2166c2c0

5 Why a Light Dumbbell Set?
Easy to handle for those who are unable to use resistance bands. Will offer our clients more exercises that cannot be done with the resistance bands. Storage rack included to help keep our workout area neat and uncluttered.

6 Adjustable lifting bench
Cost: $449.99 Purpose: A weight lifting bench is necessary for our patients to have somewhere to use the free weights and the resistance bands. Where to buy it: &cp=693996&parentPage=family

7 Why the Adjustable Bench?
Flat, incline, and decline positions to give patients different ranges of motion. Rear transport wheels for easy movement, and adjusts for easy storage. Wider profile to accommodate our larger customers

8 Weider Pro 6900 Weight System
Cost: $313.49 Purpose: This weight system will give our patients new variations of lifts to keep their workouts from getting tedious, and to keep them from leveling off in their rehab Where to buy it: system/p P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1

9 Why Weider Pro 6900 Weight System?
Up to 330 lbs of resistance for our stronger patients. Introduces different lifts and ranges of motion to our workout facility. Relatively Cheap for all of the exercises that can be done with this machine.

10 Weightmania Pro 4.0 Cost: $169.99
Purpose: The purpose of the software is to track the weightlifting progress and, if necessary, the diet of the clients that we are rehabbing. Where to buy it: o&cPath=5&products_id=9&zenid=a30de db b92b08 a3cb0

11 Why Weightmania 4.0? Can track fitness and nutrition for up to 250 people. Tracks up to 120 details of workouts and meals Can help us to stay more organized and the client to reach their goals sooner then expected.

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