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Lesson 1: Franz Joseph Haydn

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1 Lesson 1: Franz Joseph Haydn
Sarah Smokay and Seth Pendergast Instructional Technology Dr. Yates

2 Franz Joseph Haydn: Early Life
Born March 31, 1732 Choir Boy at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna until 17 Learned Violin and Harpsichord Married at the age of 28

3 Franz Joseph Haydn: Esterhazy Years
Hired in 1761 to… Compose Music Conduct Performances Train and supervise musical personnel Keep musical instruments in repair

4 Franz Joseph Haydn: London Years
12 symphonies for London Between More brilliant and daring than his first symphonies The British: “Greatest composer in the world!”

5 Haydn’s Symphony 92 Composed for honorary doctorate at Oxford
Further research: n.html

6 Franz Joseph Haydn: Conclusion
106 symphonies 68 string quartets 18 operas 2 Oratorios Influence on Mozart and Beethoven

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