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Techno Homes Chemicals Solutions for Tomorrow's Technology.

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2 Techno Homes Chemicals Solutions for Tomorrow's Technology

3 Sales & Support Techno Homes Chemicals is a branch of Techno Homes Corporation offering a wide range of products and chemicals all within the building industry. Services offered may be from “ one-off ” technical issue to full “ turnkey ” projects likely to include one of the following:

4 Paints & Coatings Our range of support covers: 1.Decorative & Architectural Paints 2.Leveling & Resurfacing Materials 3.Anti Corrosion Primers 4.Wood Coatings, Stains, & Preservatives 5.Road Marking Paints 6.Special Effect Paints 7.Anti-Graffiti, & Easy to Clean Paints 8.Multi Color Systems 9.Powder Paints 10.Waterproofing Sealers 11.External Masonry 12.Concrete Stains 13.Etch Primers

5 Mineral Bonded Building Materials Technology for the production of both cement & gypsum based building materials which includes paints, adhesives, renderings, grouts, plasters, fillers, spray plasters, insulation renderings, lightweight renders, mortars, binders, self leveling screeds, decorative stucco, & skim coats

6 Construction Chemicals The range includes the following: 1.Form Release Agents 2.Ready to Use Mortars 3.Epoxy Construction Products 4.Protective Coatings 5.Flooring Systems 6.Waterproofing Materials

7 Joint Sealants Techno Homes produces under license construction & industrial sealants such as : -Silicone Sealants -Acrylic Sealants

8 Adhesives The range of adhesives manufactured and distributed by Techno Homes covers the following: -Construction Adhesives -Flooring Adhesives -Wood Adhesives

9 Self Clean Glass Based on the new technology of nano- materials we can provide the know-how for the production of the newly invented material self clean glass solution and self clean glass.

10 Techno Homes (Chemical Branch) is associated with Wegsheider Farben in Austria who are world leaders in the technology transfer and consultancy services in the chemical industry. They are equipped with the most sophisticated laboratories and testing equipments.

11 Contact: Techno Homes Ramallah Palestine. Tel. +970 2 295.45.44 Fax +970 2 295.70.22 E-mail:

12 Join us and enjoy challenging tomorrow's technology

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