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Polish traditions and Christmas customs

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1 Polish traditions and Christmas customs

2 First Star It is the symbol of the firststar, which appeared when Jesus was born. Thanks to it, the shepherds, Three Kings, could reach the place of the saviour's birth. We are waiting for the first star today, which will appear in the sky. When it shines, then, according to tradition, we can sit down at the Christmas table and share the wafer. 

3 Wafer Its name is connected with the latin word “oblatum” which
means a gift. This is just a thin piece of crunchy wheat flour and water. There are Christmas scenes on it . The tradition of sharing bread derives from pagan traditions. Now it is a Christian custom, and we share the wafer before the Christmas supper. When we give wishes to each other, we shall forgive all the faults, and sit at the table with clear hearts.

4 Christmas tree It is usually decorated on Christmas Eve or on 23 December. Once these were the ornamented sheaves of hay or branches. Then the custom of bringing decorated trees into houses came to other Christian countries from Germany. Christmas decorations should be connected with symbols of Christmas, and on its top people hang a big bauble. We can turn on the fairy light when the first star is in the sky.

5 Christmas carols We begin to sing them at Christmas table. These are the songs telling about the Lord's birth. Their name comes from Latin word “calendae” which meant the first day of month. First they were sung by the Romans, then Christians started to sing them. The oldest Polish Christmas carol is “Farewell, the King of Angels”, and it dates from about 1420

6 Presents For many people this is the most pleasant Christmas custom. And this is what is mainly associated with Christmas. This custom was onnected with St Nicolas. There are presents under the christmas trees.

7 The crib A long –time Polish tradition during the Christmas season is called ‘Szopki’. They are beautifully decorated and very elaborate forms of the Nativity scene. This tradition started back in the 13th century in Krakow, Poland, and remains an annual tradition and exhibition. Major prizes are awarded for the most elaborately decorated and designed piece of work. They sometimes reach two metres in height and their construction is based on elements of Krakow's historic architecture. Here is a miniature version of crib - „Szopka”

8 Christmas Midnight Mass
This is the traditional Mass which is celebrated at night from 24 on 25 December. It is a symbol of watching the Jesus’ birthplace by the shepherds. We take part in the mass with our families and this is the most important moment of Christmas time.

9 M E R Y C H I S T A

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