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Holland Public Schools Program Changes for 2014-15.

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1 Holland Public Schools Program Changes for 2014-15

2 Scheduling Principles  All students will receive core instruction in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies in grades K-7  Students who need additional support will receive support outside of core instruction  Intervention will be planned and based on student need  Common planning time will be the goal whenever possible  Prepare students for online assessment environment  Guaranteed curriculum for all students…. All means all

3 Program Changes for 2014-15  Idea Lab  6/7 Schedule Changes  Technology Basic Skills K-5  TWBI  Reproductive Health  Read 180

4 IDEA Lab  Students will remain in their core classes  Students will be grouped in clusters based on Discovery Assessment scores  Teachers will receive training and support so they can provide projects to help students continue to increase their skills  There will not be a pull out IDEA Lab

5 K-5 Specials  In order to achieve our goal of a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students, we need to adjust offerings for students  Need to reprioritize specialist classes (Art, Music, P.E..) in order to meet the needs of students  All specials are deemed important  Limited amount of time  Limited amount of resources

6 Technology Class  K-5 students will receive a 1x per week technology class  Taught by a certified teacher  Technology will replace elementary Spanish (TWBI will continue)  Rationale: In order to prepare for online assessment and become 21 st Century learners it is critical that our students master technology skills

7 TWBI  TWBI continues to be a growing program  We will have classrooms in Two Way Bilingual Immersion in Kindergarten through Fifth grade at West (for all HPS students)  We will add an additional Kindergarten section within TWBI  Initial data shows TWBI students are achieving near or above their non TWBI counterparts

8 P.E.  K-6 will remain in current form  7 th grade students will receive Reproductive Health instruction during P.E. time  Rational: Continuation of having reproductive health during Science limits the amount of core content; P.E. and Health are often taught together in other districts

9 Art and Music  Art and Music will remain in same format

10 Interventions for 6 th and 7 th Grade Students  Currently we do not have a set intervention time  Students miss core classes resulting in greater achievement gaps  i.e. Some students do not receive core ELA and Writing class for 2 years  Interventions will be taken from Art/Spanish  We will need to plan for students starting 8 th grade at a basic level in Spanish (students receiving interventions during 6 th and 7 th may not be able to begin Spanish instruction till the 8 th grade))

11 Read 180  Read 180 was brought back to the 6/7 th grade levels this year at Jefferson, East and West  Student achievement data from the MS Read 180 programs shows substantial growth. More comprehensive reading program  In addition to ELA and Writing  We will have some Read 180 courses at each K-7 building

12 “There are only three ways to improve student learning at scale: You can raise the level of content that students are taught. You can increase the skill and knowledge that teachers bring to the teaching of the content. And you can increase the level of students' active learning of the content" (Elmore, 2009, p. 24)

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