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Noun and Verb Review Sept. 18th.

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1 Noun and Verb Review Sept. 18th

2 Creativity Nouns Definition: person, place, thing, or idea
Noun Town Video Great Wall of China golfer television Creativity

3 Common Vs. Proper Common nouns are general. Proper nouns are specific.
They are also capitalized. Make these common nouns proper: teacher state candy bar

4 Singular Vs. Plural Singular refers to one.
Plural refers to two or more. Remember, a word does not have to end in an “s” to be plural. Come up with 3 nouns that are plural but do not end in an “s”. Not all words that end in “s” will be plural. Come up with at least 2 examples.

5 Collective Collective nouns give one name to an entire group of people or things. How are collective nouns different from plural nouns? herd of cattle team of players

6 Concrete Vs. Abstract Concrete nouns can be observed with the 5 senses. People and places are always concrete. Abstract nouns cannot be observed with the 5 senses. Ideas are always abstract.

7 Verbs Verbs are action or state of being words.
These are words what can be done or what is. Lights! Camera! Action Verb! Video

8 Linking Vs. Helping A linking verb links the subject of the sentence to some description of it in the predicate. Helping verbs form verb phrases. Do the chant: Being Be, am been. Is, are, was, were, Have, has, had. Do, does, did. May, might, must. Can, could, shall, should, Will, would, seem.

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