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Leadership style Holly Grant.

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1 Leadership style Holly Grant

2 Definition The manner and approach in which leaders of a business interact with staff, develop strategies and make decisions. Leadership is based on 3 factors: Proving staff with directions Implementing plans and organizing staff Motivating staff

3 The types of leadership style
Including: Authoritarian leadership Participative leadership Delegative leadership

4 Authoritarian leadership
Characteristics of this style: Managers lead Managers are responsible for directing employees and telling them what to do Employees cannot contribute to decision making Decisions must be made QUICKLY, so there is no time given to employees opinions. What the leader says, goes. For example, Tim is the leader of a team of employees at Tim’s shoes, he makes all the decisions and does not consult members of staff on their opinions before doing so. He tells employees what he wants done and how to accomplish the task.

5 Participative leadership
Characteristics of this style: Also known as democratic leadership Involves the leader including one or more employees in the decision making process Employees are consulted about what to do and how to do it Employees are encouraged to become empowered. Meaning they help to make decisions when the leaders ask for help and opinions. For example, Sally at Lawnmowers R US is the leader of a team of seven employees, she often sits the members down and asks for their opinions on a topic and they will help her to make the decision in a fashion similar to a democracy.

6 Delegative leadership
Characteristics of this style: Also known as free-rein leadership The leader allows the employees to make decisions Employees have the relevant knowledge, skills and training in order to make these decisions. Managers trust the ability of employees to make the right decisions on their own For example Kim is a manager of 30 employees at Toys R US. She describes the task she wants done and hands them over to the members of the team, and trusts them to make the right decisions along the way. The decisions include directing customers to the correct isles, checking for extra stock out the back etc.

7 Case study Richard Branson
Richard Branson’s leadership style is considered unconventional. He promotes a hands-off approach to management that encourages employees to make their own decisions. Failure is taken in stride as proof that his people are really stretching themselves. This is an example of delegative leadership style.

8 The end

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