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Communication What does this mean?. How do we communicate? ?

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1 Communication What does this mean?

2 How do we communicate? ?

3 What are the most important things about communication?





8 Challenge 1: What is the most important thing about communication?

9 Challenge 2: How can we become better communicators?


11 The city and people had everything they needed.

12 Every week there was a market where you could buy anything.

13 One week an old beggar woman arrived.

14 She set up a stall in the market.

15 She offered to sell 12 books that contained all the wisdom in the world.

16 She offered them to the king. He laughed and said they had all they would ever need. What they didn’t have they could buy when it was needed.

17 What would you do?

18 The old woman left. She took the books with her.

19 The king had a dream.

20 The people in the dream were happy.

21 The old woman came back the next year.

22 She offered the 6 remaining books. Still the people laughed at her. “But the world changes.” Said the woman. So she left.

23 What would you do?

24 The king had another dream. The people were even happier.

25 Times were not so good the next year. The old woman came back.

26 She only had 3 books left.

27 We can’t afford them said the king.


29 The king met the old woman.

30 He bought the one book.

31 He shared the wisdom the book contained with the people. Things started to get better but its hard.

32 What would you do if you were the king?


34 What is the message in this story?

35 Help us to listen to others so that we can learn from them. Help us never to be to proud to ask for or accept help. Amen


37 What ways do we communicate? ?

38 What are these people saying?









47 Can you read someone else's body language?

48 This week’s story was about being willing to listen. What rules would you have for good listening?

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