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Informal letters-giving advice

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1 Informal letters-giving advice

2 General ideas Sometimes we need to give advice in letters.Depending on how formal the writing is, we can use special phrases. We usually write 4/5 paragraphs. In the introduction we express sympathy and say that we understand the problem or that we think we can help. In the main body we make suggestions and give our reasons. We write each paragraph in a separate paragraph. In the conclusion we write our closing remarks and sign off.

3 Phrases for giving advice:
Why not ? Why don’t you....? You should It would be a good idea to/if...... Have you thought about/considered...? If I were you, I would.... I think the best thing would be to/if.... One/Another suggestion/idea is to......

4 Phrases for showing the result
This will/would mean that..... Then,/That way, If you do this.... By doing this, The result of this would be..... As a result.... For example....

5 Task Your friend has moved to live in London.
She wrote you a letter and asked for giving her/his advice about finding a flat in London. Write a letter of advice in words.

6 Plan Introduction. Main body:
1 para - think of the first suggestion and reason. 2 para - think of the second suggestion and reason. Conclusion.

7 Introduction (1) Dear Fiona,
(1) I’m so glad to hear that you have decided to move to London. It’ll be great to have a friend from home living here. We’ll be able to do things together like we used to. In your letter you asked me to give you some advice finding a flat; here are some suggestions.

8 Main body(2) (2) If I were you I would start by checking advertisements in the London papers. For example, the “Daily Mail” and the “Evening Standard” have large sections with houses and flats for rent. That way, you will be able to see what is available for rent at the moment.

9 Main body (3) (3) Another good idea is to contact an estate agent. Goldsmith and Howland have offices all over London.By doing this you can get a list of all the places in the area you want at a price you can afford.

10 Conclusion(4) (4) I hope this helps. Please let me know how things turn out. If you need anything else, please call. Love, Mandy

11 After writing check: If you used the informal style.
If you used short forms, certain phrases. If you organised the points clearly into paragraphs. If you wrote the topic sentence in each paragraph If you corrected all mistakes.

12 Tasks Write a letter of advice in the following situations:
1.Your friend has lost his/her purse. 2. Your friend wants to go abroad for the first time. 3. Your friend wants to organise „A tree planting Day“ at school.

13 Thanks for your attention


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