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Bill of Rights Notes for MT. 1, LT. 3.

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1 Bill of Rights Notes for MT. 1, LT. 3

2 1st Amendment Freedom of Religion Freedom of Speech
Freedom of the Press Right to Assemble & Petition (Protest)

3 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms

4 3rd Amendment No Quartering of Troops

5 4th Amendment Right to Privacy
No Searches without Warrants or Probable Cause

6 5th Amendment No Self-Incrimination Right to Remain Silent
No Double Jeopardy Right to Due Process (Fair Treatment)

7 6th Amendment Right to a Fair & Speedy Trial by Jury
Right to an Attorney Right to Confront Witnesses

8 7th Amendment Right to Jury Trial in Civil Cases

9 8th Amendment No Excessive Bails or Fines
No Cruel or Unusual Punishment

10 9th Amendment Protection for Rights Not Listed

11 10th Amendment Limits the Power of Government
Reserves Powers to the States or the People

12 Level 3 Assignments Option 1 Option 2
Create 3 of your own “real life” examples of the Bill of Rights in action Include: A hypothetical situation An explanation of the rights involved Which amendment(s) would apply to the situation Using the Internet or other reliable sources, research 3 real life court cases involving the Bill of Rights Include: A summary of the facts of the case and the specific rights involved Arguments presented by both sides A summary of the court’s decision

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