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Range Plants -- OBJ 1: PPT

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1 Range Plants -- OBJ 1: PPT
Flowers Inflorescence types Spike Raceme Panicle Umbel Head There are 14 slides in this presentation

2 Inflorescence types Umbel

3 Structure- Compound Flower/ Sunflower

4 Range Plants -- OBJ 1: PPT
Flowers Composite Heads Ray Flowers Disk Flowers Ray and Disk Flowers There are 14 slides in this presentation

5 Warm-up 03/15 Label the following 5 flower parts. 1. _________
5. _______ 2. _______ 4. _______ 3. _______


7 Flower Morphology

8 Flower Anatomy

9 Structure: Flowers- missing parts
Floral Parts Structure Reproduction Sepals, Petals, Complete Perfect Stamens, Pistil Sepals, Stamens, Incomplete Perfect Pistil Sepals, Stamens Incomplete Imperfect

10 Parts of the Flower Sepals Outer covering of the flower bud.
Protects the stamens and pistils when flower is in bud stage. Collectively known as the calyx.

11 Parts of the Flower Petals Brightly colored Protects stamen & pistils.
Attracts pollinating insects. Collectively called the corolla.

12 Parts of the Flower (Stamen)
Male reproductive part Anther Produces pollen Filament Supports the anther

13 Parts of the Flower (Pistil)
Female reproductive part Ovary Enlarged portion at base of pistil Produces ovules which develop into seeds Stigma Holds the pollen grains

14 Parts of the Flower (Pistil)
Style Connects the stigma with the ovary Supports the stigma so that it can be pollinated

15 Parts of the Flower

16 Schematic of a Complete, Perfect Flower

17 Placentation Marginal Axile Parietal Basal Free central Apical


19 All Structures:

20 Pistil

21 Ovary longitudinal section

22 Exposed Ovules

23 Fruit Types Dry, indehiscent fruit Dry, dehiscent fruit Fleshy fruit

24 True Fleshy Dry Indehiscent dehiscent False

25 Dry, indehiscent fruits
Achene (lettuce) Samara (maple) Caryposis (wheat) Nut (almond)

26 Dry, Dehiscent Fruit Legume (soybean) Capsule (tobacco)
Silique (Arabidopsis) Schizocarp (maple)

27 Fleshy Fruits Drupe (peach, nectarine) Berry (tomato) Pepo (cucumber)
Hesperidium (citrus) Hip (rose) Pome (apple, pear)

28 Other Fruit Types Aggregate Multiple Accessory (False)
mature ovaries from separate pistils of one flower (ex. raspberry) Multiple mature ovaries from separate pistils of several flowers (ex. pineapple) Accessory (False) fruit is something other than ovary tissue (ex. strawberry is a swollen receptacle, seeds are achenes)

29 Fleshy fruit types

30 SEED Seed Structures Germination Seed Seed coat Hypogeous Cotyledon
Embryo Endosperm Hypocotyl Radicle Epicotyl (plumule) Germination Hypogeous Epigeous

31 Seeds Monocots: single cotyledon; endosperm and cotyledon are separate. Dicots: two cotyledons; endosperm is contained in the cotyledon.

32 Parts of a seed Dicot Monocot Seed coat Hypocotyl Epicotyl Cotyledons
Endosperm Radicle Cotyledon Dicot Monocot

33 Seed Germination Monocot Dicot Hypogeous Epigeous Radicle

34 Warm-up 03/16 Monocot or Dicot? Monocot 1 Dicot 3 Monocot 2


36 Comparison of monocots & dicots
Monocotyledon grasses lilies, tulips trees: palm dicotyledon roses, asters grapes, beans trees: oak, maple, Comparison of monocots & dicots

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