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FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN Father of the Symphony.

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1 FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN Father of the Symphony

2 Franza Joseph Haydn Franz Joseph Haydn was born in 1732 in a small village in lower Austria called Rohrau. He was the son of a wheelwright and began his musical career as a chorister in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

3 Haydn’s Teenage Years At 16, when his voice changed, his career as a chorister came to and end. Haydn then made a meager living, copying parts and playing the violin at dances. He, also at this time, secured a dilapidated harpsichord, found himself an attic in Vienna, and began his compositional career.

4 Haydn’s Garage Band Years
During his early years he was barely able to make a living as a teacher and accompanist and often joined bands of roving musicians who performed in the streets in Vienna. Because of this background in his formative years, Haydn would later incorporate into his compositions a great many of the folk tunes of Vienna and the region of Austria in which he grew

5 After working as accompanist at the Italian composer Nicola Porpora’s musical academy, he got a job at a minor court. It wasn't long before Haydn attracted the notice of the aristocracy in Vienna. He was invited to live in the country house of a nobleman. The nobleman had a small group of musicians that functioned as an orchestra to him.

6 For the next several years Haydn was able to experiment with different instruments and combinations of instruments as a part of this orchestra. He, essentially, taught himself harmony and counterpoint and improved his own musical knowledge.

7 Haydn Lands a Job! At the age of 29 in 1761, Haydn began his career as Vice-Kappellmeister and, then, Kapellmeister with the Esterhazys, the richest and most powerful family in Hungary who were famous for their patronage of the arts. The relationship would continue for nearly 30 years, the greater part of Haydn's creative career.

8 30 Years of Compositional Bliss
Under Haydn's direction, the musical establishment of the Esterhazys included an orchestra, an opera company, a marionette theater, and a chapel. The musicians were some of the finest in Europe. With the death of the prince, Haydn was released from the Esterhazys' service.

9 He traveled to England twice -- once in 1791 and again in where his music gained him great acclaim. He was offered a contract for 12 new pieces to be performed in London. (Nos ) These are now known as the "London Symphonies". When he returned to Austria, he was very well-off and laden with honor

10 Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809) THE FATHER OF THE SYMPHONY died in 1809 and was acknowledged throughout Europe as one of the premiere and most prolific composers who every lived who ever lived .

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