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Why learn ? Mr C. Bondin.

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1 Why learn ? Mr C. Bondin

2 French is relatively easy to learn.
You probably already know these French expressions… xarabank (char à banc), bonjour, bonsoir, bon voyage! , bon appétit, c’est la vie, chic, début, déjà- vu, avant-garde, blond, cuisine, chef, encore, fiancé, rendez-vous, souvenir, eau de toilette. There are so many more!!!

3 French is the official working language of :
- the United Nations (UN), - NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), - UNESCO (UN’s agency for peace and security), - the International Olympic Committee, - the European Union, - the International Red Cross (Helps victims of wars and violence) and much more!

4 If you start learning French you will:
Be joining 100 million other students of French in the world. These are learning French in order to communicate with 250 million people whose native or adoptive language is French.

5 The French Speaking World
French, along with English, is a truly global language. Over 250 million people in 53 countries on every continent speak French.

6 French is the language that will give you the most choices later on in your studies and career.
Career options Language Teacher, Translator, Interpreter, Travel Agent, Flight Attendant, Editor, Public Relations/Communications Officer, Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Receptionist, Tourist Information Officer, Assistant Librarian, Immigration/Customs Officer, Journalist, Diplomatic Services Officer…

7 During the lessons you will:
slowly start to speak and write in simple French. also be able to understand simple spoken and written French. Learn about France and how the French live.

8 And at Form 5? At the end of fifth form, all those who work hard will have a good level of French. Should be able to sit for the French Matsec Exam and obtain a good grade.


10 The world speaks French and so should you!

11 Merci !

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