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By: Sean M. Mangold Audience: The Whole Population.

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1 By: Sean M. Mangold Audience: The Whole Population

2  Exercise 30 Minutes a day, 3 days a week will vastly improve your health and get you fit.  Make it easy and do an activity you loved to do as a kid such as a basketball.

3  Make exercise fun part of your day to clear you mind and be with friends.  Exercise does not have to be a task

4  A great full body work out that has minimal stress on joints is Swimming.  There is resistance to any motion in the water, working every muscle.

5  Cardiovascular Strength  Cardiovascular Endurance  Burn Fat

6  This Pyramid is from  It shows the Balanced Diet per Day

7  Very Popular form of exercise is Weight lifting, resistance training.

8  Chest and Triceps  Back Bicep and legs  Shoulders, Abdominals, with Cardio

9  Bench Press  Incline Bench  Close grip bench  Flies

10  Scull Crushers  Triceps Extension  Diamond pushups

11  Dumbbell Row  Seated Row  Back extension  Lat Pull Down

12  Hammer Curls  Dumbbell Curls  Reverse Grip Curls

13  Back Squat  Front Squat  Lunges  Leg Extensions

14  Three Way Deltoid  Shoulder Shrugs  Military Press

15 Power Abs Bicycle Crunches Planks

16 Run!! Elliptical Get active and play basketball

17 Especially:  Football  Ice Hockey  Baseball  Basketball

18  It is an Olympic Lift that exercises raw Power  Using an Olympic Bar you clean to your chin catch it on your shoulders and then front squat. 92B-Rf4&feature=related

19 Description:  Drop down to push up then bring knee’s into chest so your feet are on the floor. Next you EXPLODE up into the air Example: A_lmkHM

20 Description:  Start on you hands in the push up position  Next you bring one knee to you chest as your opposite leg straightens.


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