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Start The School Year With dōTERRA Essential Oils! dōTERRA.

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1 Start The School Year With dōTERRA Essential Oils! dōTERRA

2 (Oil sacs on peppermint leaf)
WHAT IS AN ESSENTIAL OIL? Natural aromatic compounds found in plants Steam distilled or cold pressed extraction Powerful, safe benefits without side effects (Oil sacs on peppermint leaf)

3 Aromatic ESSENTIAL OIL USES Diffuse in a room to: Impact mood
Open airways Cleanse environment ©2009 dōTERRA INTERNATIONAL,LLC

Apply directly to skin for systemic or localized effects

5 ESSENTIAL OIL USES INTERNAL In an Empty Capsule Under your tongue
In a glass of water or juice In a teaspoon with honey

6 The Popularity and Increased Market Usage for Essential Oils has Created Synthetic Dominance

7 That 95 Percent of The Chemicals Used in Synthetic Fragrances are Known Toxins and Synthesizers Capable of Causing Cancer, Birth Defects, Central Nervous System Disorders and Allergic Reactions A 1986 Report by The National Academy Of Sciences A 1986 report by the National Academy of Sciences reports that 95 percent of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum and include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other known toxins and synthesizers capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.

8 What Makes an Oil Impure
Enhancement of Compounds Removal of Compounds Addition of Compounds Synthetic Variants Impurities Blending With Inferior Grades Of Oil In the perfume and food industry monoterpenes have little value and so they are most often reduced or completely eliminated this is a great example of how oils cane be altered

9 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™

10 Oil Potentcy Sourcing Chemical Analysis Oil Purity Habitat Cultivation
Extraction Organoleptic MicroBiological Heavy Metal Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry FTIR Our competitive advantage with the essential oils is our ability to source the essential oils. It is not the chemical profiling that defines cptg. While that is an important aspect it is not defining it is the sourcing that makes us unique Sourcing is the potency of the oil while Chemical analysis is the purity of the oil

11 Indigenous Plants From Around the World

12 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™
dōTERRA is Defining and Protecting the Quality of Essential Oils for the Benefit of the World

13 dōTERRA does not prevent, treat, or cure disease.
Your lifestyle choices can help prevent disease. Your doctor treats symptoms and fixes broken parts. Your body cures disease! 13

14 Mental Clarity and Focus
Enhanced Immunity Proper Rest Mental Clarity and Focus

15 Establish Daily Routines

16 dōTERRA Internal Immune Defense External Immune Defense PB Assist+
OnGuard Throat Lozenges dōTERRA

17 Healthy Populations of Flora Increases Primary
Immunity dōTERRA

18 dōTERRA Internal Immune Defense External Immune Defense PB Assist+
On Guard+ On Guard Hand Wash On Guard Essential Oil On Guard Throat Lozenges On Guard Cleaner Concentrate dōTERRA

19 Be a Germ Stopper dōTERRA

20 dōTERRA Wild Orange Clove Cinnamon Eucalyptus Rosemary
Eucalyptus was able to stimulate cell mediated response. Clove was able to stimulate both a humoral and a cell-mediated response. The research is suggestive that essential oil are immune regulating agents Clove essential oil increased white blood cells counts and regulated both humoral and cell mediated immunity Ginger essential oil also stimulated cell-mediated immune responses dōTERRA

21 Back to School Dr. David Hill

22 Every Desktop, Pencil Sharpener, Doorknob and Faucet an Infected Child Touches Becomes Colonized With Germs! Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the spread of germs at school dōTERRA

23 Wellness = Building Immunity
“Our immune systems are the first line of defense against diseases and viruses” --Dr. David Hill Prevention On Guard Cinnamon Frankincense Oregano Thyme Life Long Vitality Pack On Guard Throat Drops

24 Apply On Guard to the Feet
Use the aromatouch technique Apply On Guard to the Feet dōTERRA

25 Use Internally at First Sign of illness
Diffuse In the Home Use Internally at First Sign of illness dōTERRA

26 On Guard on the GO!! dōTERRA

27 Wellness = Fighting off Germs
Oils to use for Immune Support On Guard Cinnamon Frankincense On Guard Throat Drops Lemon Oregano Thyme

28 Individuals Who Experience Insufficient Sleep Have an Increased Incidence of Illness
Why do I Have to go to Bed? dōTERRA

29 The Average Sleep Requirement for Students is Well Over Eight Hours
According to Stanford University the following in formation applies All Lost Sleep Accumulates Progressively as a Larger and Larger Sleep Indebtedness dōTERRA

30 Morning Routine Nightly Routine
Apply Balance to Bottom of Feet, the Temples and Base of Skull - Diffuse - Use in Bath - Apply to Feet and Spine Balance has Blue Spruce, Rosewood, frankincense and Blue Tansy Apply balance at the same time you apply On Guard with the aromatouch.

31 dōTERRA Lavender Marjoram Roman Chamomile Ylang ylang Sandalwood
Vanilla dōTERRA

32 Mental Clarity and Focus

33 dōTERRA Diffuse Peppermint and Citrus Bliss While Studying
Premix a Small Bottle of Peppermint and Citrus Bliss to be Used at School dōTERRA

34 dōTERRA Product Categories
Essential Oils Wellness Spa Living


36 ALPHA CRS+ Cellular Longevity Blend Cellular Energy Blend





41 80% of the Brain and 70% of the Myelin Sheath are Fatty Acids
When cells in the human body and the human brain are deprived of the correct essential fatty acid they need to grow and function the cells builds replacement fatty acids that are similar but in reality are harmful to the cells. Individuals with depression and attention deficit disorder have higher levels of replacement fatty acids in their cells The working surface of your brain is made of fatty acids. 60% of your brain by weight is composed of fatty acids and 70% of the myelin sheath is composed of fatty acids Discuss trans fats and the harm that they create in the body. This is by far the largest class of replacement fatty acids. dōTERRA

42 EO Mega™ Essential Oil Omega Complex
Marine Flaxseed Oil Pomegranate Seed Oil Evening Primrose Oil Cranberry Seed Oil See the article alpha linolenic acid an unappreciated omega-3 for why land and sea based omega 3s dōTERRA

43 Astaxanthin Carotenoid
Clinically-supported ASTAPURE® Circulatory antioxidant protection Passes the blood/brain barrier Muscle strength & endurance Supports immune function Astaxanthin holds superior antioxidant activity and has an ability to support and maintain natural inflammatory response. Additionally, scientific research has proven that astaxanthin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and the central nervous system better than many other antioxidants. And more! LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

44 Nanosomal Lipid Assimilation System™

45 MICROPLEX VMz Essential Minerals Essential Vitamins

46 Protein matrix Nutrient Yeast LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

47 All-Natural Supplement
Vitamins & minerals in food matrix Whole-food blend with trace minerals Patented enzyme delivery system Tummy Tamer blend (30 mg) SLS-free vegetable capsules No wheat, dairy, or animal products LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM

Cellular Longevity Blend Essential Fatty Acids Essential Vitamins Cellular Energy Blend CPTG Essential Oils Essential Minerals dōTERRA

49 “I am more focused” “I get sick less often” “I have more energy”
“I have less pain” “I get sick less often” “I am sleeping better” “I am less anxious” Common comments on our products include: “I am more focused” “My doctor wants to know what I am doing”

Cellular Longevity/Lifespan* Cellular Inflammatory Response * Cellular Energy/Metabolism * Powerful DNA Protection * Network Antioxidant Defense * Immune System Support * Stress Management * Cardiovascular Health * Bone and Joint Health * Brain/Cognitive Health * Digestive Health, and more… In talking about doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Program, you can see there are many benefits that consumers will realize when taking the LLV supplements on a regular basis. Although they are all important, you can really key in on three main benefits that contribute to all of the others. First, the cellular longevity that results from a wide array of potent and targeted antioxidants. Second, these products will help support a healthy inflammatory response in the body. And third, powerful energy co-factors will help with energy production at the cellular level WITHOUT stimulants. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. LIFELONG VITALITY PROGRAM © 2010 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited

51 dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards
Optional Program Earn Free Product Credits Monthly (No Limit!) Receive a FREE Product with your monthly order if placed by the 15th of each month and if the order total is 125 PV or greater. Flexible dates (1st – 28th) Select the product of your choice. Qualify of extra bonuses. Explain that Autoship is: Optional Flexible Rewarding because you earn FREE products every month.

52 Decide which option meets your needs and get started!

53 Start the School Year off Right With dōTERRA Essential Oils!

54 Back to School Essentials!
Essential Oil Solutions To Help Protect Your Tots and Teens From Whatever Is Going Around!

55 Boosting Immunity in our Children

56 Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract
First line of defense against viruses, fungi, bacteria, and toxins 70% of immune function in body! Surface area of intestine equivalent to a tennis court! ©2009 dōTERRA INTERNATIONAL,LLC

57 Boost Immunity Internally
PB Assist + Helps to inhibit growth of unhealthy bacteria, yeast, and other organisms Helps build up healthy flora Supports healthy digestive functions Supports healthy immunities Supports healthy GI Tract

58 PB Assist + 5 Billion Live Strains per Capsule
Six Different Strains of Microorganisms 30 capsules per bottle Time Release system Safe for Entire Family!

59 Boost Immunity Internally
ON GUARD THROAT LOZENGES Contains wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and myrrh essential oils Soothing to the Throat Help fight off Germs Builds Immunity Anti-Microbial

60 Boost Immunity Externally
ON GUARD ESSENTIAL OIL Rub on bottom of feet as a great preventative Diffuse in a room to eliminate airborne pathogens Dilute in spray bottle to clean doorknobs, telephones, and other community surfaces Take several drops in an empty gelatin capsule for added immune support

61 Boost Immunity Externally
ON GUARD HAND WASH & Cleaner Concentrate Have on Hand! Wipe your keyboard and computer mouse. Use to wipe of germs on a desk Wipe your Phone Wash hands to prevent the spreading of germs 99.99% effective in killing germs

62 Bed Time Help with Serenity!
SERENITY ESSENTIAL OIL Diffuse in Room 1 hour before going to sleep Spray on a Pillow Rub on Spine—nice back rub Rub on Bottom of feet Add a few drops to the tub Aids anxiety and emotional distress “Individuals who have insufficient sleep have higher incidence of illness”

63 Waking Up with Balance! BALANCE ESSENTIAL OIL Great Morning Routine
Helps Alleviate Anxiety Rub on base of scull, temples and feet Helps to relax and balancing to the nervous system Great stress reliever Works as a stabilizer throughout the day 

64 Improving Mental Clarity and Focus
CITRUS BLISS AND PEPPERMINT Rub on Temples, brain stem and forehead Helps to enliven our mind, and invigorate our senses Calming and Soothing Can improve patterns of memory Diffuse this combination during study to improve a child’s ability to focus and for mental clarity Mix in a roll on bottle or spray bottle for use during day

65 Your Kids Need You… Keep Yourself and your Family Healthy Every Day!
Preventative healthcare means creating a daily habit of physical and emotional well being! Stay strong…naturally!

66 CHOOSE TO: Empower yourself to care for your family
Provide care appropriate to each family member Enjoy tender bonding moments Be prepared with natural defense So, in summary today… You have a CHOICE in how you take care of your health and the health of your family. Choose to empower yourself to take healthy actions with dōTERRA essential oils. Apply the right oil solution to each need through learning more about the oils. Connect with those you love as you apply the oils. And help yourselves by building your natural immunity. ©2009 dōTERRA INTERNATIONAL,LLC

67 you can be prepared as the kids head back to school!
With dōTERRA, you can be prepared as the kids head back to school! So as you can see, with doTERRA, you are in control.

68 One of the Best Tools You Will Need!

69 How to Purchase Customer Wholesale Membership
Purchases products at full retail price No commitment or obligation Wholesale Membership $35 Membership or Enrollment Kit Purchase required 25% discount from retail

70 doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program
Free Product! Completely Optional Flexible dates Product of the Month Club-- $125pv before the 15th! Most people choose to take advantage of it $100 pv monthly LRP order also qualifies you for commissions

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