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Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)

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1 Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)

2 NTP since 1962 Managerial weakness Inadequate funding Over reliance on X-ray for diagnosis Frequent interrupted supplies of drugs Low rates of treatment completion

3 1993- RNTCP – DOTS Objectives: Achievement of at least 85% cure rate of infectious cases of TB Quality sputum finding to detect at least 70% of estimated cases

4 Main components of DOTS strategy:
Political will and administrative commitment Diagnosis by quality assured sputum smear microscopy Adequate supply of quality assured short course chemotherapy drugs Directly observed treatment Systematic monitoring and accountability

5 Organization State TB Office State TB Officer
State TB Training & Demonstration Centre Director District TB Centre District TB Officer TB unit Medical Officer-TB Control, STS, STLS Microscopy Centers, Treatment Centers Dots providers

6 Laboratory Network National Reference Lab
Tuberculosis Research Centre, Chennai National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore Lala Ram Sarup Institute of Tuberculosis and Allied Sciences, New Delhi JALMA institute, Agra


8 Initiation of treatment


10 Paediatric TB


12 Drug Resistance Surveillance (DRS) under RNTCP

13 DOTS Plus

14 TB-HIV Coordination

15 ‘TB free India’ vision To achieve 90% notification rate for all cases
To achieve 90% success rate for all new and 85% for retreatment cases To significantly improve the successful outcomes of treatment of drug resistant TB cases To achieve decreased morbidity & mortality of HIV associated TB To improve outcomes of TB care in the private sector

16 Achievements of RNTCP Covers the whole country since 2006 March
Treatment success rate raised from 25% in 1998 to 88% in 2010 Death rate brought down from 29% to 4% 662 DTCs, 2698 TUs, 13,039 DMCs are functional in the country More than 15 million patients have been initiated in treatment, saving more than 2.5 million lives 4 Urban DOTS projects




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