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2 A Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign with concrete goals and a long-term ambition.
A vision to promote the role of the arts in Europe and in our societies. 2

3 CONTEXT The European Union is currently deciding on its framework budget for the period through a long and complex negotiation process that begins in 2010. This is a once every SEVEN year opportunity to get the policy and funding environment right for all those who are part of European Union policies and that benefit everyone who lives in Europe. Convinced that culture, heritage and the arts play a fundamental role in the life of the European Union and its citizens; convinced that EU policies can better serve the cultural sector and enable greater co-operation both within and beyond EU borders: - NOW is the time to ACT for Culture in Europe!

4 OPPORTUNITY This is a unique and important opportunity to mobilise across the cultural sector for a common cause. To mobilise across Europe and beyond, building greater capacity for advocacy among cultural civil society operators. Encouraging solidarity between arts and heritage sectors; creating new advocacy tools for civil society to interact with local, regional, national and European policy makers. The message of the campaign says ‘we are more than entertainers, and Europe is more than coal and steel’.

5 VISION we are more has a vision for the participation of the arts in our societies. We believe that Access to Culture and the arts, and participation in our cultural life is a fundamental right, and a responsibility to maintain. Diversity of the arts and diversity of the audiences that benefit from the arts is fundamental to the success of our European societies. The campaign is anchored in the political context of the EU today and has measurable, achievable and time-bound goals. Cultural policy is not a direct competence of the EU. There are few legislative opportunities to influence the EU’s position on culture. The we are more campaign aims to influence the EU budget negotiations with two concrete policy objectives: 5

6 A bold and daring new Culture Programme
CONCRETE GOALS A bold and daring new Culture Programme The multiplier value of the Culture Programme, representing less than 0.1% of the total EU budget, is already impressive. Since the year 2000, it has supported more than 3500 projects. In 2009 alone, the Culture Programme supported the cross-border mobility of artists and young culture workers, and the circulation of artworks. In the next EU budget, we want to see the budget increased, the programme redesigned to be innovative, truly creative, to support the best of European cultural and creative development and act as a truly ground-breaking tool for building bridges with the EU and its neighbours.

7 Explicit support for culture in the EU regional development fund
CONCRETE GOALS Explicit support for culture in the EU regional development fund Although Culture is not an explicit priority in the EU structural funds today, cultural heritage and preservation receives significant funding through the European Regional Development Fund (currently €6 billion). Culture as a tool for building cohesion in our societies and for driving local and regional development has been widely recognized in the past few years. This second policy goal of the campaign asks for an increased and more explicit support to culture and the Arts in its broad sense, that is more accessible to cultural operators. By empowering local cultural operators, culture, heritage and the Arts will be able to make an even stronger contribution to a cohesive European Union based on strong social solidarity.

Culture Action Europe: The only Europe-wide strong arts umbrella organisation with over 15 years of experience in advocating for the Arts towards the EU. With over 100 association members who in turn bring over 80,000 cultural organisations to the table, Culture Action Europe has a unique position of knowledge and influence in EU cultural affairs. In strategic partnership with The European Cultural Foundation: Over 50 years of experience and track-record in supporting the arts and advocating for culture in Europe. The European Cultural Foundation is a core content- and funding partner to the campaign. 8

9 MULTIPLIER EFFECT The message of the we are more campaign is one of solidarity and acting together. The campaign has been designed as an open-source tool to be appropriated by individuals, cultural and heritage professionals and all those who care about the arts in Europe and believe that arts policy is important. The campaign seeks to generate new networks and alliances, build up stronger capacity at national level to dialogue with decision-makers, and to improve advocacy in cultural civil society networks. Building an awareness of the importance of EU policies in shaping our futures, the importance of the cultural sector working across disciplines and together for a common goal is a key objective of the campaign beyond the concrete political goals. 9

10 TOOLS AND RESOURCES A fully resourced website that contains:
An online manifesto for signature A campaign advocacy toolkit Visuals, materials and support packs to be downloaded A facebook page to join and spread the word. Customised presentations and training sessions for advocates and partners The campaign communication strategy has been designed with young Belgian communications agency M+W ( A comprehensive long-term strategy comprising tools, communications targets and resources to be rolled out over the 3 years of the campaign. A rigorous evaluation and benchmarking process to assess progress and gains along the way. 10

11 ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR The campaign was launched in October 2010 at BOZAR centre for fine arts in Brussels. Our goal is to run an ‘open source’ campaign that will sustain interest until 2013 and empower cultural advocates to take action. In 2011 we have focused on building the grass roots base and tools for the key negotiations to come in 2012. So far, our achievements include: High-level institutional recognition Endorsement from artists Inspiring action across Europe 11

“It is both exciting and encouraging for me to see such a strong grassroots mobilization of the European culture sector. I thank you for sharing your commitment – together, we are indeed more.” President Barroso in video message for campaign launch “I am fully committed to strengthening EU support for the cultural and creative sectors in the new financial framework, and making this support as effective and relevant as possible to the sectors’ needs.” Commissioner Vassiliou at joint European Opera Days/campaign press conference, 20th of April 2011 Public debate during conference ‘The Time is Now’ following campaign launch. Jan Goossens, KVS, Isabelle Durant, Vice-President of the European Parliament, Ilona Kish, Culture Action Europe. October 2010. 12

“In a world of increasing clichés, misunderstandings and intolerance, I believe this campaign is both timely and heartening. Culture, art and stories endow us with an alternative perspective, connecting us across countries and gently reminding us that imagination and empathy cannot be confined to national or religious frontiers.” Elif Shafak – The most widely read female writer in Turkey. 13

"Recently, cultural organisations in Europe started a campaign with a symbolic title: we are more. We are indeed more than the sum of our parts. More than a mere sum of historic monuments and sites of Europe. More than the sum of jobs created in the cultural field. More than the sum of cultural “consumers” or heritage volunteers…. We are the soul and the spirit of Our Europe. And no price should be too high to preserve this soul and this spirit. And to let it flourish, as a source of joy and inspiration, for the new generation of proud and responsible citizens, of Europe and indeed of the World.” World-renowned tenor Plácido Domingo 14

15 INSPIRING ACTION Campaign material translated into more than 30 languages by volunteering organisations and dedicated individuals. National campaign co-ordination groups spontaneously organized by members and supporters in Germany, Sweden, France and Poland so far. French co-ordination group organised two public events in Paris and Avignon in spring 2011. Collaboration with European Opera days on press conference attended by Commissioner Vassiliou in May 2011. International conference entitled we are more in Sopot, July Organized by two Polish members in the framework of the ongoing Polish EU Presidency. 15

16 REACHING OUT Online manifesto already signed by over 20.000 people!
“Yes, we are MORE and we must definitely join forces! Thank you for this initiative that reminds us once more that we, as citizens, cultural entrepreneurs and artists, have more power than we consider to shape our future for the better.” Comment by Derya Yuksek on campaign blog. 16

17 SOCIAL MEDIA Over 6,000 Facebook friends, and growing fast. 17

18 CHALLENGES AHEAD 2012 – Key decision-making year for the European Union future programmes and budget. We need to gain more signatures for the manifesto and greater visibility for the campaign. We need to convince Member States of the European Union to vote in FAVOUR of an increase to the budget for Culture – no easy task! Co-ordinating lobbying and capacity of civil society actors… … to turn this: … into this! 18

19 736 VOTES FOR CULTURE Influence decision-making in the EP culture committee and EP regional affairs committee Build support across the political groups Target high-profile political movers Raise visibility for the vote in parliament plenary (due end 2012) 19

20 Political Calendar for the EU negotiations 2014-2020
Presidencies Poland Denmark Cyprus Ireland / Lithuania June-July 2011 October-December 2011 January-February 2012 Spring Autumn End 2012 End 2013 MFF Cohesion Policy Creative Europe Inter Institutional Agreement: MFF adopted in a joint decision by the EP and the Council EC Proposal 29 June Drafting reports - amendments – rapporteurs in the EP committees+ CoR (ad-hoc commission on EU budget) Negotiations at the Council level (General Affairs Council) EP rapporteurs designated 1st vote EP EC Proposal for regulations of each Fund - 6 October EC publishes the Common Strategic Framework – December EESC draft opinions EP reports - amendments (REGI and EMPL Committee) CoR : mandatory consultation + own initiative opinions (COTER Committee) Final adoption by the EP and the Council in a joint decision Negotiations at the Council level (General Affairs Council). 2012: Start of Public consultation at all levels of governance National Partnership Contracts prepared by the MS and Operational Programmes prepared by the regions are presented to the EC. Final adoption by the EP and the Council in a joint decision EP rapporteur designated EC Proposal - 29 November EP reports – amendments (CULT Committee) CoR: own initative report (EDUC Committee ) Negotiations at the Council level (Education, Youth and Culture Council).

- Seeks to put culture at the heart of the European project. It seeks to mobilise the cultural sector at European level to represent a cultural vision of Europe and to translate that vision into political action. - Works to improve the future for younger generations of artists, cultural operators as well as citizens by working to convince European decision-makers to improve conditions and create an environment conducive to creativity, imagination and innovation. - Opens a space for exchange and expression that reaches a diverse audience. - Seeks to foster a multiplier effect by inspiring others to take ownership of the campaign message and translate it to different geographical and political levels. - Is funded by various sources: the European Cultural Foundation and the Culture Programme of the European Commission and the members of Culture Action Europe. 21

22 Emma Ernsth - Campaign Co-ordinator
Get in touch with us: Emma Ernsth - Campaign Co-ordinator 22

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