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UPnP™ Implementers Corporation Update Karen M. Stash President UPnP™ Implementers Corp.

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1 UPnP™ Implementers Corporation Update Karen M. Stash President UPnP™ Implementers Corp

2 UPnP™ Implementers Corporation (UIC) Goals Manage the UPnP™ certification process Own and protect the UPnP™ technology logo UPnP™ is a certification mark of the UPnP™ Implementers Corporation

3 What is the UIC? A legal corporation  Own the logo  Protect the logo  Manage the certification process as a “business” (can enter into legal agreements, have a bank account, etc.) Non-profit status Managed by a Board of Directors (BOD)  BOD is composed of individuals from different companies  Companies are Steering Committee companies

4 How does the UIC relate to the UPnP Forum? UPnP Forum:  Is an unincorporated entity  Selects the standards to be written  Develops and approves the UPnP standards UIC:  Certifies devices that implement correctly the complete standard adopted by the UPnP Forum

5 Why not have the Forum certify devices? UIC is an independent corporation  Certification is performed by a third party   “Layer” of confidentiality  BOD has duty to maintain objectivity

6 UIC Structure UIC composed of 6 Board members from 6 different companies UIC has an independent Executive Director and administration / management company that :  Certifies devices  Manages finances (collects annual dues, maintains tax exempt status)  Assists with marketing/PR of the UIC

7 UIC Management UIC BOD meetings occur every 2 months Conference calls occur in-between face- to-face meetings, as needed  Marketing calls to discuss upcoming conference/trade shows  Legal calls to discuss certification mark issues

8 Benefits of UIC Membership

9 1.Access to UPnP certification test tool and certification process 2.Ability to use the UPnP logo and the “UPnP-certified” phrase on certified products 3.One free support call about test tool per year 4.Access to UIC-sponsored trade shows, conferences, and panel sessions 5.Leveraging of UIC’s marketing assets

10 Benefits of UIC Membership

11 1. Meaning of “Certification” Independent acknowledgement of passed test log Ability to call your device a “UPnP™ device” or “UPnP™ certified” Ability to use the UPnP™ logo on device and associated marketing material

12 Overview of Certification Process Implement a UPnP™ standard created by the UPnP™ Forum via the Forum website  Any Forum member company can implement a standard  Forum membership is free Test the implementation against the certification test tool  Self-testing or 3 rd party testing OK Submit the passed results to UIC Receive the UPnP™ certification

13 How does one get access to Certification Test Tool? Join the UIC  Any Forum member can join  Go to  Complete UIC Membership Application  Send in:   Signed application   $5000USD annual fee Certification test tool is posted on UIC web site

14 Preparing for Certification For pre-certification purposes, certification test tool is posted on UPnP™ Forum web site Plug fests  Hosted by Forum member companies Certification test tool support via Microsoft’s Product Support and Services team, including one free call per year to PSS for UIC members

15 How Quick is the Certification Process? Once passed test log has been received by UIC, certification takes about 2 days  Designed to meet product shipping cycles Certified device has option of being posted on UIC’s list of certified devices  Marketing benefit

16 Benefits of UIC Membership

17 2. Why is the logo important? Differentiates your products Shows third party certification of the product Is a legally-protected logo

18 Certification Mark Protection Mark has been filed in 24 countries UIC has defended against inappropriate use of mark  Contacted companies that have used mark in product names  Contacted companies with incorrect use of mark in marketing literature UIC has published guidelines to assist with correct mark usage UIC watches filings of marks similar to UPnP™ technology mark

19 Countries Where Mark is Filed Argentina Australia Benelux Brazil Canada China Columbia France Germany India Italy Japan Korea Mexico Russia Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan UK USA

20 Benefits of UIC Membership

21 3. Free Support Call for Test Tool UIC members contact UIC Executive Director Call is placed to Microsoft’s Product and Support Services Call can be used by anyone in company Annual benefit

22 Benefits of UIC Membership

23 4. Access to UIC-sponsored Trade Show Events CES 2005 - presentation CES 2004 - presentation, stand, panel discussion WinHEC 2003 and 2004 - presentations and stand Intel Developer Forum - 2003 and 2004 CONNECTIONS™ - panel session and shared stand CES 2003 - presentation EHExpo 2003 - booth

24 Organizations/Shows UIC engages with: Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Connected Home Forum Connected Home Show Net@Home WiMedia Alliance Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Forum

25 Summits There are now an average of 2 summits a year – typically in North American and one in either Europe or Asia  UIC sponsors the summits outside North America Summits alternate between Europe and Asia  2004 Summits - Shanghai and Taipei  2003 Summit - Cannes, France  2002 Summit - Tokyo, Japan

26 Opportunities at Shows Shared booth space Demonstration of certified products Chance to attend/participate in panel discussions/stage presentations Access to press and analysts

27 Benefits of UIC Membership

28 5. Leverage of UIC Marketing Assets Get product listed on UIC certified device page Get highlighted on UIC main web page under “New Products of the Month” Obtain access to and be showcased in UIC newsletter Get highlighted in a UIC press release

29 Other Marketing Assets Collateral  One page flyer  Q & A Translation of UPnP™ architecture to Chinese Liaisons with other consortia  Working on test requirements with DLNA  CEA and DSL Forum - referencing UPnP™ standards

30 STATUS of the UIC

31 Members and Devices About 40 UIC Members 101 certified devices  75 Internet Gateway Devices  1 WLAN Access Point  25 AV Devices   9 Media Renderers   16 Media Servers Presence on store shelves in North America, Europe, and Asia Well over a million of UPnP™ enabled devices shipped -- All major IGD vendors now include UPnP support  Cisco-LinkSys, D-Link, NETGEAR, Thomson, Accton, SMC

32 UIC’s Opportunities for Growth Number of UPnP™ standards is increasing Forum membership is increasing Market share of certified gateways and AV devices is increasing UIC message is being broadcast more  More UIC presence at events & trade shows  UIC press releases/newsletters

33 Call to Action Join the UPnP™ Forum  Join the UIC  Protect and promote the UPnP™ logo

34 Foundation of the Connected Home

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