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Ed Blankenship Product Manager,

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1 Ed Blankenship Product Manager, Microsoft @EdBlankenship

2 Ed Blankenship @EdBlankenship


4 Distributed teams Hybrid IT Heterogeneous devices and platforms Delivery agility

5 Continuous value delivery

6 Integration Traceability Collaboration Faster cycle times Faster time-to-market Balancing agility and quality Revenue growth Cost reduction Realized Value Deliver

7 Team Foundation Server Full lifecycle control for mission critical IT projects Define Agile planning tools for stakeholder engagement Backlog management and capacity planning Develop Developer productivity enhancements Continuous stakeholder feedback Operate Automated build-deploy-test Detailed Reporting and Metrics Strong integration with Microsoft on- premises offerings REQUIREMENTS WORKING SOFTWARE

8 Distributed teams and stakeholders Need access from anywhere in the world, without configuring VPNs or firewalls Support for geo-distributed teams with heterogeneous environments Reduced infrastructure Need to be able to stand up new development projects without installation or configuring servers Want to host code and project data in the cloud Simplified administration Do-it-yourself project creation / administration Quickly add/remove users or stakeholders without provisioning local network access

9 Team Foundation Service Cloud-hosted application lifecycle management



12 Team Foundation ServerTeam Foundation Service Version Control XX Agile Planning & Collaboration XX Build XX Testing XX Reporting XPartial Lab Management X Team Structure Unlimited TPCs / Projects / Teams1 TPC – Unlimited Projects / Teams Identity and Permissions Active Directory IntegrationMicrosoft Accounts (Live ID) Server integrations Project Server, System Center, SharePoint Server, SQL Server Reporting and BI Languages Supported Multilanguage SupportEnglish Only Data Location Data Stored On-PremisesUS Data Center Backup / Data Migration Backup/Restore Tools AvailableEcosystem Supported (OpsHub, Timely) Support Forums & Phone SupportForums Support Phone Support – No Formal SLA Updates Periodic Updates (~quarterly) Planning Required Frequent Updates (~3 weeks) Automatically Upgraded Not at feature parity today, but planned for future release

13 Team Foundation ServerTeam Foundation Service Version Control Team Foundation Version ControlXX Distributed Version Control with GitComing with TFS 2013X Agile Planning & Collaboration Scrum, Agile, CMMIXX Custom Process TemplatesX Work Item Tagging, Kanban Board, FeedbackXX SharePointX Build Automated Builds On-Premises with Continuous IntegrationXX Hosted Build Service with Continuous IntegrationX (in preview) Application / Platform SupportFully customizableMany Microsoft platforms and growing (Build Server Software Link)Build Server Software Link Continuous Deployment to Windows AzureX Testing Test Case ManagementXX (Web TCM in preview) Hosted Load Testing ServiceX (in preview) Reporting Work Item Queries and FavoritesXX Business Intelligence WarehouseX




17 Included for eligible MSDN subscribers: Free Plan for up to 5 users Unlimited number of projects Version control Work item tracking Agile planning tools Build (limits apply) Cloud Load Testing (limits apply) Additional information at


19 Complete your session evaluation on MyTechEd for your chance to win a Sculpt Bluetooth Mobile or Comfort Mouse. Win a Sculpt Mouse Windows button provides one touch access to start screen Precision 4-way scrolling Designed for comfort



22 Accessible from anywhere Source code and work items are accessible from any modern web browser Integrates with Visual Studio and Eclipse, includes command-line client for Xcode / other developer tools Get started quickly, with no infrastructure to manage Create an account in minutes, set up continuous integration in a few easy steps Data is stored in the cloud, making server configuration a thing of the past Request and manage stakeholder feedback from anyone with a Live ID/Microsoft account All languages and platforms welcome From C# to Python, from Windows to Android, developers can use a variety of languages and target a variety of platforms Use the tools your development teams are familiar with today – Team Foundation Service helps developers focus on what they do best: building great applications






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