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MLA Annotated Bibliography

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1 MLA Annotated Bibliography

2 Why Annotated Bibliography?
Annotated bibliographies are work cited pages that include short paragraphs for each source. In our case, we are describing why the source is reliable in this paragraph However in other situations you may be asked to summarize the text in one paragraph or explain how the resource will be used in a project or essay.

3 How to get started You’ll need one laptop computer with MS Word for each group. If you do not have a laptop or tablet on which to compose your rationale, you can use paper to draft.

4 Information Collection
Gather all your bibliographical information. This includes author/artist names, article titles, website names, magazine or newspaper names, publisher names, dates updated, dates accessed, etc.

5 Managing your MLA Formatting
Set your margins to 1 inch (2.54 cm) on all sides. Set your font size to 12 point Time or Cambri Set your spacing to double. Remove any excess spacing between paragraphs. Set hanging indentations

6 MLA Work Cited Pages Are listed alphabetically Are aligned to the left
Do not use bullets Do not use numbers

7 Author? Is there one? Last name, first name.

8 Article Title or Webpage Title?
Is there one? Quotation marks. Put the period inside the quotation marks. Gallant, Debs. “How to cross your eyes.”

9 Title of Website? Title of Magazine or Newpaper? Title of Book?
Is there one? Italics.

10 Publisher? Is there one? Normal font.

11 Date Published – Journal from EBSCO?
Normal font. Then a colon Then the page numbers if listed. N. pages if no page numbers listed. Name of journal where it was originally published. 18 Sept 2014: Hobo Journal.

12 Date Published - Website?
Is there one? Normal font. 18 Sept 2014. Sept 2014. 2014. N.D.

13 Web or Print? Normal font. Web. Print.

14 Date Accessed if Web? Normal font. 18 Sept 2014.

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