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Respiratory System Your system for breathing. Nose.

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1 Respiratory System Your system for breathing

2 Nose

3 Function: Inhales Oxygen (O2) Uses nose hair to filter dust and germs from entering the lungs Moistens the air Warms air Evidence: Sneezing Dirt in snot Nose Hair are visible Stuffy Nose

4 Mouth

5 Function: Allows more air to come into the body Evidence: Exercise and out of breath = breathe through your mouth Sick and nose is clogged = breathe through your mouth

6 Trachea

7 Function: Brings Oxygen from nose/mouth to the lungs and removes Carbon Dioxide Supports lung as it changes its volume of gases Made up of rings of cartilage Evidence: X-Ray Tracheotomy

8 Larynx

9 Function: Air vibrates the vocal cords to make noise (talking) Evidence: Put two fingers on voice box and hear and feel it vibrate Mel Blanc cartoon voices video/ saw vibration of vocal cords to give different sounds

10 Diaphragm

11 Function: A muscle that moves up to force air out of the lungs when you exhale And moves down to let extra space in when you inhale Evidence: Lung of dog undergoing surgery X-ray of working diaphragm Big deep breaths

12 Epiglottis

13 Function: Small flap that covers the trachea when you swallow so food does not get into your lungs Evidence: X-ray video Coughing when something goes down the wrong tube/ trachea

14 Bronchi Bronchioles are the little extension inside the lung

15 Bronchi Function: Tubes to take oxygen to alveoli and remove CO 2 from alveoli to exhale Evidence: Bronchitis Animation in Respiratory System Video

16 Alveoli


18 Function: Small sacs that send oxygen to the cells and removes CO 2 from cells Evidence: Video Animation Microscopic observation of air sacs

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