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Rectangular framed structures

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1 Rectangular framed structures

2 Framed Structures There are two different types of framed structures used for building: Rectangular frames

3 Rectangular Framed Structures
A framed structure is a network of beams and columns joined up to form the skeleton framework of the building. The structural frame carries the total load of the building and transfers it to the foundation. Cladding is fixed over the framework, or infill panels are placed between its members, to totally enclose the space within the building.

4 Framed structures are easily erected from pre-made members.
These members are easily connected together in the correct sequence to form the structural framework. Problems arise when large members are used and when the height of the structure makes lifting difficult. In these situations a crane will be needed to lift the members into place. Rectangular frames are usually made from steel but they may also be made from concrete.

5 A steel framed structure in course of erection
Rectangular framed structures are used for multi-storey buildings such as: Office Blocks Large Schools Hotels Hospitals or other similar buildings where a multi-storey structure is required. The floor space will incorporate a large number of columns.

6 Rectangular Framed structures
This slide shows a number of framed structures which form part of the Belfast skyline. The multi-storey car park under construction is a concrete framed structure.

7 A simple Rectangular frame.
Rectangular framed structures are a series of upright and horizontal members. They are set a right angles to each other to provide support for the floors, walls and roof. The uprights are called columns. The horizontal members are called beams.

8 Structural stability of a rectangular framed structure.
Increased structural stability is achieved by adding of lift shafts, stair cases and the rigidity achieved by the external cladding..

9 Cladding panels or a brick external finish
Steel frame bolted together on site

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