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Study questions and answers

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1 Study questions and answers
Of Mice and Men Study questions and answers

2 Chapter 1 1. How do we know that George is Lennie’s guardian ?
George is always giving orders to Lennie. He looks out for him because Lennie’s aunt Clara, who used to look out for him, is dead.

3 Chapter 1 2. What do George and Lennie’s style of speaking reveal about their characters ?
They swear a lot and use a lot of slang....does not show much formal education.

4 Chapter 1 3. Where are George and Lennie going ? Explain why.
They are going to work on a ranch because they were run out of Weed (the place where they last worked). Lennie likes to touch soft things and was touching a girl’s dress, and when she panicked, he did not let go. People did not understand that Lennie was not trying to hurt the girl and were looking for him.

5 Chapter 1 4. Why does George not allow Lennie to leave and to be on his own ?
George says that Lennie does not have enough sense to be left alone (could not fend for himself). George had also promised his aunt Clara that he would look out for Lennie.

6 Chapter 2 5. How do we know that George is meticulous (precise, detailed, thorough)?
He prepares/drills Lennie for situations he will find himself in; He gives him specific and detailed instructions; He also questions the conditions of the beds and does not want to sleep somewhere that is not clean.

7 Chapter 2 6. Why is the stable buck not living with other men ?
He is a black man and there is segregation on the ranch.

8 Chapter 2 7. How does George explain Lennie’s mental condition ?
He tells the boss that Lennie got kicked in the head by a horse when he was young and is the reason that he is not too bright.

9 Chapter 2 8. What is Candy’s opinion of Curley’s wife ?
He believes she has a wandering eye and is a tart(looking to be unfaithful to her husband).

10 Chapter 2 9. In what ways does Curley show that he is insecure ?
He checks up on his wife and asks if anyone knows where she is and what she was doing. He also likes to pick on bigger guys to show that he is tough(tries to make up for his insecurities).

11 Chapter 3 10. Why does Carlson want to shoot Candy’s dog ?
The dog is very old and can hardly walk, is almost blind and can hardly eat because he has no teeth. He finds the dog also smells and is suffering.

12 Chapter 3 11. What happens to Lennie when he is frightened ?
He tends to panic and does not really know what to do, so he often freezes(he will hold on to whatever he has in his hands and won’t let go).

13 Chapter 3 12. Why does George stop Slim from helping and instead urges Lennie to fight ?
He wants Lennie to defend himself so that Curley can see that even though he is not very bright, he is strong and can defend himself in a fight. He wants Curley to stop picking on Lennie.

14 Chapter 4 13. How does Lennie react when Crooks is cruel to him ?
He does not really understand that Crooks is being cruel or mean to him. He does not get the social cues. When Crooks tells him that George might not come back, he gets agressive.

15 Chapter 4 14. Why is Curley’s wife so isolated on the farm
Chapter Why is Curley’s wife so isolated on the farm ? Is it only because she is a woman ? The men don’t want any trouble from Curley and they know if they pay Curley’s wife any attention, they will be in trouble, so they try to ignore her.

16 Chapter 5 15. How does Lennie react to the puppy’s death ?
He blames the puppy for getting killed and he gets very upset(throws the puppy) because he knows that George will be mad and will perhaps not let him tend the rabbits on the ranch they want to buy.

17 Chapter 5 16. How does Curley’s wife feel about her husband ?
She does not like that he does not let her talk to anyone but him….she does not find he is a nice guy.

18 Chapter 6 17. Which character do you like the best in the novel ? Why ?
Personal answer.

19 Chapter 6 18. Describe George and Lennie’s dream.
Live off the fatta the lan` : Get a little place with cows, chickens, pigs and alfalfa for the rabbits that Lennie will tend (have a steady place to call their own and work for themselves).

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