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1 [Organization’s Name] [Author’s Name] [Date]
Note: Refer to Skillsoft’s “Developing an L&D Business Case” session slide deck for more information. This template is intentionally developed in a blank template so that it can easily be incorporated into an organization’s specific template. [Title] Business Case [Organization’s Name] [Author’s Name] [Date]

2 Executive Summary Briefly summarize the proposal
Executive summaries typically contain the salient points from each of the subsequent sections: Current situation Analysis & Recommendation Conclusion Be sure to engage the audience's interest in reviewing the remainder of the proposal

3 Current Situation Purpose is to clearly state the problem or opportunity facing your organization in a quantifiable way Express success in terms that contribute to the strategic plan (especially your CFO) such as increasing revenue, decreasing costs, or minimizing risk Discuss what is likely to materialize if the situation doesn't change

4 Analysis & Recommendation
In the opener, provide clear, specific details about the alternative you suggest the organization adopt Explain how your proposal solves the problem or capitalizes on the opportunity identified in the current situation section

5 Analysis & Recommendation
Summarize the alternatives you considered in a simple chart that describes the financial analysis, intangible benefits, and risks Use graphs to display the most powerful financial aspects of the suggested option Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Financial Benefit Intangible Benefits Risks

6 Conclusion Recap the benefits of acting on the selected option in terms that support the organization's strategic goals Consider including benchmarks to show how this compares to other “best in class” approaches Outline the high level implementation milestones, target dates, and the responsible parties Clearly flag the date when a decision should be made and what the implications are of not acting on or before that date

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