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7 Essay Writing Essay Writing Presentation Outline.

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2 7 Essay Writing

3 Essay Writing Presentation Outline

4 Essays vs. Paragraphs 1.How do essays differ from paragraphs? 2.Should we use a different writing process for essays?

5 Essays vs. Paragraphs  Essays use a hook with an intro and thesis statement.  Essays use body paragraphs with topic sentences, support points, examples, and transitions.* Paragraphs  Paragraphs use topic sentences.  Paragraphs use support points with examples and transitions. *What does this tell us about the composition of essays?

6 Essays vs. Paragraphs  Essays are longer.  Essays have multiple units.  Essays usually have broader topics. Paragraphs  Paragraphs are shorter.  Paragraphs are a single unit.  Paragraphs have narrower topics.

7 Essays vs. Paragraphs Examine the topics to the right. Which topics work for essays? Which topics work for paragraphs?

8 Essays vs. Paragraphs From broad to narrow…

9 Essays vs. Paragraphs

10  For example, if you used a brainstorm list for your prewriting, look through the list and draw a line through items that are the weakest.  Also, if you notice that ideas are related, group them together. This will help you prepare body paragraphs in an essay.

11 Essays vs. Paragraphs

12  Once you have perspective from fresh eyes or feedback from a partner, it’s time to cycle back to the drafting stage.  Write the essay again with a stronger focus of how you’re going to use your revised thesis, body paragraphs, order, support, and conclusion.

13 Essays vs. Paragraphs  Spelling – Have you used a dictionary? Do you have a list of commonly misspelled words?  Is your punctuation in the right place?

14 Essays vs. Paragraphs  Have you printed on white paper only?  Is the ink clear? Are there any smudges or stains?  Have you saved the document for future reference?

15 The Lifecycle of an Essay If it helps, think of the writing process as if it is the lifecycle of the butterfly!

16 Essays vs. Paragraphs 1.Essays differ from paragraphs because they require a broader topic, they are composed of multiple paragraphs to accommodate the broader topic, and this makes them longer. 2.The writing process for an essay should not differ from that of a paragraph. In fact, the writing process is even more important when writing a paper with a greater length! *For additional review of the difference between paragraphs and essays, review chapter 9.

17 Introduction with a Thesis Statement 1.What is the point of an introduction paragraph? 2.What is a thesis statement, and how does it work in the introduction paragraph?

18 Introduction with a Thesis Statement  Entices the reader with a strong “hook.” Strong hooks include:  Rhetorical questions  Startling statistics  Anecdotes  historical facts  creative or imaginary scenarios You must catch the reader’s attention immediately, so the reader doesn’t become bored and stop reading your essay!

19 Introduction with a Thesis Statement  Once you introduce the essay with a strong hook, your last sentence in the introduction should be your thesis statement.

20 Introduction with a Thesis Statement  …provides the point of the essay in a single sentence.  We often rely on words such as “should” or “should not” when making an argument thesis.  The thesis statement is NEVER a fact, an announcement, or an obvious statement.  In other words, your thesis statement should NOT look like this…

21 Introduction with a Thesis Statement A thesis statement is NOT…

22 Introduction with a Thesis Statement  Instead, the thesis statement, in a single sentence, will provide a personal viewpoint or an argument regarding a topic.  For example…  Students attending community college have an advantage because they can save money and learn to properly budget their expenses.

23 Introduction with a Thesis Statement  What is the essay’s broad topic?  Money and budgeting.  What is the argument or personal opinion?  Community college students have an advantage.

24 Introduction with a Thesis Statement 1.Introduction paragraphs grab the readers attention. 2.The thesis statement appears as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph and provides a personal viewpoint or argument to the reader.

25 Body Paragraphs 1.How do body paragraphs function in relation to the introduction paragraph? 2.How many body paragraphs are necessary in an essay?

26 Introduction vs. Body Paragraphs  Grabs the reader’s attention and…  Provides a thesis statement Body Paragraphs  Work to support the thesis statement through…  Topic sentences, support points with examples, and transitions

27 Introduction vs. Body Paragraphs  Students at community college have an advantage because they can save money and learn to properly budget their expenses. Body Paragraphs  First body paragraph topic sentence:  Community college classes cost less per unit than CSU and UC classes.  This topic sentence supports the thesis, but what supports the topic sentence?

28 Body Paragraphs How do you find support for your topic sentences?

29 Body Paragraphs How do you find support for your body paragraphs’ topic sentences?

30 Number of Body Paragraphs

31 Body Paragraphs 1.Body paragraphs support the essays thesis. Each body paragraph must start with its own topic sentence related to the thesis and must have support gathered from a variety of sources (personal experience and observation, textbooks, etc.) 2.The number of body paragraphs increases depending on the difficulty of the class and the length of the assignment. For the purpose of English 31, we will focus on the 5-paragraph essay.

32 Conclusion Paragraph 1.Why do we need conclusion paragraphs? 2.How should we conclude an essay?

33 Conclusion Paragraph The reader needs to be reminded of why the essay is important. After providing all of your support, the conclusion serves as a way to affirm your personal opinion. It’s time to release the reader!

34 Conclusion Paragraph  If you started your essay with a rhetorical question, perhaps end your essay with a statistic and/or a quote…  In other words, hooks at the beginning can become releases for the ending.

35 Conclusion Paragraph Mix and match hooks and releases to keep your essay interesting! Can you think of more interesting combinations of hooks and releases? Anecdote, Analogy and Comparison, Quote, Fact/Statistic, Irony or Humor, Startling Claim, Rhetorical Question, Imaginary Scenario, etc.

36 Conclusion Paragraph 1.Conclusion paragraphs help us remind the reader of why our essay is important. It gives a satisfying ending and releases the reader to ponder what we’ve presented. 2.Conclusions should be interesting! Think critically of how you introduced the essay and use a different “hook” as a “release.”

37 Essay Writing Presentation Conclusion

38 7 Essays Writing

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