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JOHN STEINBECK By : Lourdes Cortez and Mariah Garza.

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1 JOHN STEINBECK By : Lourdes Cortez and Mariah Garza

2 CHILDHOOD  john Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California.  John’s parents names were john Steinbeck and olive Hamilton  John and his family were members of the episcopal church.  He was German, English, and Irish

3 EARLY LIFE  John dropped out of collage and worked as a manual laborer being a successful writer.  After dropping out of collage he went to New York where he took odd jobs while still trying to write.  In 1928 he worked as a tour guide and caretaker in California at the fish hatchery in Tahoe city.

4 EARLY LIFE  John met carol Henning in Tahoe city they both lived in a cottage in Monterey, California.  The elder Steinbeck gave him loans that allowed him to give up a warehouse job in san Francisco to focus on writing.

5 MAJOR WORK  Of mice and men is a tragedy that was written in the form of a play in 1937. Its about two ranch workers trying to work for money to buy their own farm.  The ‘’grapes of wrath is et in the great depression and describes a family of croppers.  East of Eden the book was published in 1952 it was made into a movie in 1955.

6 INSPIRATION OF MICE AND MEN  John Steinbeck wrote the book because he was inspired by the people and life he had on a ranch..  Also when he was around the depression he reflects the life of people and how there was little hope in the country for them.  John contacts with authors, journalists, and labor union figures have influenced his writing and he joined the league of American writers.

7 STEINBECK'S NOBEL PRIZE SPEECH SPEECH  John's Steinbeck speech ‘’ In my heart there may be doubt that I deserve the Nobel award over other men of letters whom I hold in respect and reverence — but there is no question of my pleasure and pride in having it for myself.’’  Philosophy of life that is reveled in Steinbeck's noble prize speech was understanding among individuals he was aware the speech because of his imaginative and realistic writing style.

8 AWARDS  1936: commonwealth club of California gold medal for best novel by a California for ‘’tortila flat’’.  1938 New York drama critics award for ‘’of mice an men’’  1948 made a member of the American academy of arts and letters  1962nobel prize for literature.

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