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Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

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1 Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
Resource 5 Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

2 Understand CNC machines & processes
Aims Understand CNC machines & processes Other manufacturing processes used in manufacturing components Automotive manufacturing processes

3 Identify types of CNC machinery used in industry
Objectives Identify types of CNC machinery used in industry Understand a CNC sequence Explain the sequence using a press in manufacturing Understand CAD/CAM design packages Understand the use of simulations to check product manufacture

4 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines
CNC machines are used to manufacture a vast quantity of components; large or small; individual or mass produced, each with a unique programmed sequence of operations. A computer program is written in a notation called G-code, which will manufacture a component based on the programmed instruction produced.

5 CNC milling predominately machines square/rectangular bar but are also used to manufacture a variety of shapes & sizes of materials. CNC Milling

6 CNC Lathe CNC lathes predominately machine cylindrical components but are also used to manufacture a variety of shapes & sizes of materials.

7 CNC Lathe Multiple tools can be loaded onto a tool holder simultaneously and programmed to change during a process without manual assistance.

8 CNC Programming 3D simulations of program to check for any disfigurations during the manufacturing process.

9 Heidenhain - Program sequence

10 Diverse machine tools are used to manufacture a wide range of components using CNC machines.

11 Press tools Components can be manufactured using large/small press tools.

12 A variety of operations can be performed using press tools to manipulate material into various shapes. Components can be loaded on a conveyor and fed into the press to be moulded/cut to shape or form.

13 Robotics Robotics have become more sophisticated in manufacturing processes. With their speed, efficiency and precision they are used to perform the simplest of operation to the most advance application. With the ability to manoeuvre in six axis, robotic arms are used in manufacturing all over the world.

14 The manoeuvrability of robotic arms depends on the required application and purpose.

15 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
A component can be designed using CAD software highlighting; dimensions, slots, holes, and a sectional view of the component

16 Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
From the CAD drawing the component can be manufactured using a computer simulation. An isometric view of the billet, and the cutter path lines, and indicated.

17 Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
Simulation of the final component after it has been machined. This final component was produced in Edgecam by producing the machining sequences and tool paths

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