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A Social Virtual Game Where players are the screen and the game!!!

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1 A Social Virtual Game Where players are the screen and the game!!!

2 Each Player Has a Pet Fish

3 They look after the fish, Feed it, Clean the Water, Bond with it

4 During Game Mode: Release the Fish to a Communal Virtual Pond to Mingle

5 Pond is made of a number of mobile devices

6 Fish move freely in the Pond Once in the pond, fish maybe represented graphically by a ball of light etc. and not necessarily as fish to start with

7 Game consists of 2 groups: players take turn to be in each Fishermen – Capture the fish – 2 or 3 players Throw a fishing line into the water to catch fish Using: mobiles, Leap motion, Kinect, Myo, wii, etc Water Nymphs – Rescue the fish - many players If a fish is caught in their device (iPad, tablet) they can unhook it with touch and shake They can make waves with movement

8 Fishermen, put bait on the hook and throw the line into the pond

9 If a fisherman catches a fish: Their device shakes They can use the fishing wheel to pull the fish forward Fish can go through all the devices on it’s path to get to the fisherman, giving each person a chance to release it There maybe obstacles in the path

10 Once a fish caught in the Nymph’s device they can: Unhook the fish with their touch Shake of the device Make waves in the pond If not quick enough, the fish goes to the next persons’ device until it gets to the fisherman

11 Aim: Collecting Points in a specific amount of time Fishermen have to catch as many fish as possible, the more devices the fish has gone through the more points they collect Nymphs have to rescue as many fish as possible

12 With points you can buy Things for your pet fish - aquarium, garden pond, plants, friends

13 Fishing equipment & tools - bait, nets, pots, dynamite

14 You can even buy weather or magic potions, etc.

15 Other things to consider Different game modes – not time based Different kinds of fishing (e.g. ice fishing, blast fishing…dynamite, fly fishing) Different fish – shark, puffer fish …. Other animals: deep sea creature, whale etc.

16 Objectives Aside from Collecting Points Can you get better at this game? develop skills? What is the value of this game? Social activity? Do the fish die and get re-incarnated? What about the shape of the pond?

17 Future Extensions and Technologies AR – fishermen use binoculars to see the fish (using phones and AR) Google Glasses AI Cool visuals, graphically outstanding Robot helicopters over the water

18 Technology Required: Priority is the game before really cool visuals OpenGL Some audio processing Java, Objective C, C#, HTML5, Javascript Python, PHP, Ruby Bluetooth Location Tracking Wifi

19 The project on the whole This is an innovative project with Cutting edge and non-existing technology Uses attention to aesthetics and graphics Comes through out of the box thinking It requires like mined people to get involved But it is a social game and the more people get involved the better

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