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The Role of the Business Analyst

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1 The Role of the Business Analyst
Barbara Craib (Cell)

2 Why have Business Analysts?
Leverage value from investment in technology Further exploit existing technology and information

3 Need for change…. Technology Business Drivers New Technology
Obsolescence Innovation New Technology Innovation Efficiency Expectation Investment

4 Business Analysts - benefits
Know your business Identify opportunities and understand constraints Use coherent tools and techniques – better development Articulate and prioritize requirements Inform evidence based decision making Improve end-to-end processes

5 When to bring in the BA? Strategic planning
End-to-end from concept to capability Lifecycle management SDLC Concept Planning Requirement Analysis Design & Develop Integration and Test Implementation Ops & Maintenance Projects Create Select Plan Manage

6 Overlap of skills Systems Analyst Project Manager Requirements Manager
Risk Manager Benefits Manager Change Manager Business Process Design Management Analyst Communications

7 Business Analyst … advocate
Represents the Technology Community in the Business arena Represents the Business Community in the Technology arena

8 Business Analyst - skills
Business Understanding Observation, listening and thinking Communication Bigger Picture – beyond organizational boundaries Look ahead – Strategic planning horizon Problem Solving – IDEAS

9 Business Analyst… understands
Nature of the problem… impact on the business Underlying issues Relationship between problems Interdependencies Opportunities Constraints Outcome People Process Information Technology

10 Business Analyst… understands
Benefits and outcomes $$$$$$$$$$ and ROI – Don’t forget the numbers! Value and Cost Risk vs benefits Contingency Planning Business Continuity Management Efficiency – greater profitability Effectiveness – better product/service

11 Business Analyst – roles
Ensure benefits and outcomes become reality Problem solving What-if / scenario planning – Issue Prevention As-is analysis Evidence collection and analysis Understand problems and visualize opportunities IDEAS - solutions To-be development IDEAS – options Business Case development

12 BA Perspective – Requirements
Strategic Alignment Business Need based…. Convert from ‘I Want Now’ Evidence based Outcome focused - why? Prioritized Packaged/phased options

13 BA Perspective – Testing
Validation – does it meet the needs of the business? As articulated in the Requirements Functional – does it work? Does it interfere with anything else? Can the User achieve……..?

14 BA Perspective– Implementation
Holistic perspective People Process Information Technology Post Implementation Review Opportunities Lessons Outcome People Process Information Technology

15 Primary Role of a Business Analyst
Leverage value from investment in technology Deliver outcomes and Benefits

16 The Role of the Business Analyst
Barbara Craib (Cell)

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