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Estimation of Serum Urea Haematology lab Miss. Tahani Al Shehri.

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1 Estimation of Serum Urea Haematology lab Miss. Tahani Al Shehri

2 Objective 1. To estimate the concentration of urea in serum 2. To obtain experience in the use of kits

3 Introducton

4 Urea is nitrogen compound, formed almost solely in the liver From the catabolism of amino acids and is the main excretion product of protein metabolism

5 Introducton The concentration of urea in the blood serum represent mainly a balance between urea formation from protein catabolism and urea excretion by kidney.

6 Introducton If kidney fail, blood urea Conc. Increase to high level and toxic condition known as (Uremia ) will result. In uremia, urea must be removed from the blood by clinical procedure called “Blood Dialysis “

7 Introducton

8 Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Some time used as measurement of serum urea ½ Mwt of Urea is Nitrogen Normal range Serum urea ( 10-50 ) mg/dl BUN ( 5- 25) mg/dl

9 Clinical calculator

10 Clinical calculator

11 Serum urea normally vary depending on : Age ( due to change kidney function ) Sex ( conc. are slightly higher in men ) Diet ( protein diet Urea )

12 Abnormal condition Causes of high Serum urea 1. tissue protein catabolism (- ve N balance ) This occurs in : Fevers Wasting disease Thyrotoxicosis Diabetic coma After trauma or a major operation

13 Abnormal condition 2. Excess breakdown of blood protein Leukemia Release of leukocyte protein GIT Bleeding Hb & plasma protein can be released in to the gut

14 Abnormal condition 3. Diminished excretion of urea Pre-renal Eg, -Shock -congestive heart failure -Sodium depletion -Addison’s disease Renal disease Eg, Acute Glomerulonephritis Chronic heart failure Sever destructive renal disease Acute renal failure Hepatorenal syndrom Post-renal ُُ Eg, -Enlarge prostate Gland - Stone

15 Azotemia :- Is a term used for a high blood serum urea concentration Uraemia :- ( as opposed to Azotemia) Is the name given to the clinical syndrom that develops when there is nitrogen retention due to renal failure

16 Low Serum urea 1.Late pregnancy Due to : glomerluar filtration rate (GFR) Use of N by fetus Water retention 2. Liver disease 3.long term of protein malnutrition Increase rate of protein anabolism Long term replacement of blood loss with intravenous dextran or glucose or saline (Dilution )


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