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The French and Indian War

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1 The French and Indian War
Chapter 3 Section 4

2 Do Now: Look at the map on page 87 in your text book
Do Now: Look at the map on page 87 in your text book. Answer questions 1&2 Obj: Trace development of French-British rivalry Summarize French and Indian War Effects of the war on relation with the colonies HW: Pg 92 Main Ideas # 1-8

3 Vocab New France George Washington French and Indian War William Pitt
Pontiac Proclamation of 1763 George Grenville Sugar Act

4 Rivals for an Empire France’s North American Empire:
1608 Quebec is founded; first permanent French colony in North America French priests and fur traders spread throughout the heart of the continent 1682 French claims entire Mississippi Valley and calls it Louisiana; after King Louis XIV


6 French and British Colonies Differ
French Colonies Fur Traders/ priests Catholic No desire to build towns and cities Friendly relations with N.A. Created military alliances British Colonies Families Puritan Established permanent settlements Constant conflicts with N.A.

7 French and Indian War Early French Victories:
British General Braddock and young 22-year old office George Washington wanted to push the French out of the Ohio Valley 1,500 men approached Fort Duquense French army and N.A. allies ambushed them British army had never seen an enemy fight like that British fled the battle George Washington questions the might of the British army…..

8 French and Indian War Pitt and the Iroquois:
William Pitt – young enthusiastic politician put in charge of British army in 1757 Under Pitt British gain Iroquois as allies September of 1759 the British with the Iroquois sack Quebec.. Victory in the war soon to follow

9 French and Indian War Ends
French and Indian War ends in 1763 with Treaty of Paris Britain gains all land in North America east of Mississippi Spain gets all land west of Mississippi

10 The Colonies and Britain Grow Apart
Proclamation of 1763 Est. colonists border along the Appalachian Mountains To keep from continued problems with N.A. Britain banned settlers from moving west Could not enforce; settlers continued to move in the frontier Colonists believe the Britain does not care about their needs…..

11 The Colonists and Britain Grow Apart
Britain doubled national debt during F&I War George Grenville passed the Sugar Act in 1764 Sugar Act: 1) halved duty on foreign-made molasses 2) More taxes on imports 3) Strengthened the law against smuggling Soon feelings of dissatisfaction would swell into outright rebellion……

12 POP QUIZ What Native American tribe allied with the British during the French and Indian War? Iroquois What new law restricted colonial movement west of the Appalachian Mountains? Proclamation of 1763 What treaty ended the French and Indian War? Treaty of Paris

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