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Geography of Canada Types of Maps.

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1 Geography of Canada Types of Maps

2 Types of maps There are 4 main types: –General Purpose (have many things on them) –Topographic: physical features of a location represented by symbols and colours –Thematic Maps (one topic) –Digital Maps: (GIS maps)

3 General Purpose Maps  Provides many types of information on 1 map.  Uses symbols and colours to indicate major roads for transportation purposes –Often includes parks, hospitals, and tourist attractions –Can be both small scale (a country map) and large scale (a city map)

4 Types of Maps: General Purpose Example: General Purpose Map of the “Golden Horseshoe” (Niagara Falls to Clarington)

5 Types of Maps:Topographic Maps Topographic Maps –A map that indicates scale, using symbols and colours for both natural and human made features on the Earth’s surface –Shows the Earth’s surface in great detail (large scale) –Depicts the height of land features (topography) –Often shows roads, settlements, vegetation cover, power lines, etc. –Grids are usually 1km square

6 Types of Maps: Topographic Example: Topographic Map of Blue Mountain (Collingwood)

7 Types of Maps: Thematic maps Thematic Maps –A map that reveals the geographic patterns of statistical data –Are designed to display distributions over the Earth’s surface –Usually focuses on one theme or topic (e.g., population distribution)

8 Types of Maps: Thematic Thematic map showing electricity generating stations in Canada

9 Types of Maps: Digital Digital Maps 1.Computer programs: GIS: Arcview map maker (Geographic Information Systems) 2. Handheld devices: GPS units (Global Positioning Sytems) 3. Online: Google Maps is an example

10 Types of Maps: Digital Google Maps is an example of an online map.

11 Types of Maps: Digital Google Earth/ Bing Maps are online digital maps. Google Earth/ Bing Maps is are examples of computer programs using satellite imagery and digital maps. Google Earth does not find your location unless you tell it where you are

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