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Age of Exploration Jeopardy

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1 Age of Exploration Jeopardy
Test on Monday November 17!!!!

2 100 200 300 400 500 600 People Seeds Of Change New Spain & Encomienda
Mystery 100 200 300 400 500 600

3 People 100 Who was the one of the first explorers to reach Asia? Marco Polo

4 People 200 Who was the Emperor of the Aztec? Moctezuma

5 People 300 Why is Hernando Cortes important?
He was a Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec and took control of Tenochtitlan.

6 People 400 How did Prince Henry the Navigator improve navigation?
He brought together scientists, ship builders, and mapmakers.

7 People 500 Who is Dona Marina?
Dona Marina is an Indian woman who helped Cortes convince many Indians to join him in conquering the Aztec.

8 People 600 Why did Christopher Columbus sail in 1942?
Columbus wanted to find a faster route to Asia. Columbus set sail west across the Atlantic Ocean to find a faster route to Asia.

9 Seeds of Change 100 Fill in the blanks:
The Columbian Exchange is the exchange of _____________, ___________, ___________, and ideas between the “New World” and the “Old World”. Plants Diseases Animals

10 Seeds of Change 200 What is considered the “New World”? What is the “Old World”? New World North America South America Old World Europe Asia Africa

11 Seeds of Change 300 What is the Silk Road?
A network of overland trade routes that stretched from China to Persia.

12 Silk and spices Seeds of Change 400
Name some of the items carried on the Silk Road. Silk and spices

13 Seeds of Change 500 Explain the impact of the “New World” in terms of The Columbian Exchange. The “New World” brought potatoes, corn, and tobacco into the “Old World.” These items impacted Africa, Asia, and Europe. They improved diets and increased the population.

14 Seeds of Change 600 Explain the impact of the “Old World” in terms of The Columbian Exchange. The “Old World” brought sugar, horses, and diseases into the “New World.” Sugar- brought slavery Horses- changed life for Native Americans of the Great Plains Diseases- killed millions

15 New Spain & Encomienda 100 Name all of the lands that made up the colony of New Spain Caribbean Islands, Central America, Mexico, the southwestern U.S.A., and Florida

16 What was an encomienda? New Spain & Encomienda 200
A very large piece of land that often included several Indian villages given to Spanish colonist in the New World.

17 New Spain & Encomienda 300 How did the encomienda affect the Spanish?
Spain gained land Spain gained great wealth Spain became very powerful

18 New Spain & Encomienda 400 How did the encomienda affect the Native Americans? Lost control of land Become slaves of the Spanish Died of diseases Were not allowed to practice their traditional religion

19 New Spain & Encomienda 500 How did the encomienda affect the Africans?
Kidnapped from homeland Many died on ship coming across the ocean Forced to work as slaves in mines, on farms and on sugar cane plantations Life expectancy as a slave 7 years Some escaped

20 New Spain & Encomienda 600 What were three reasons Cortez was able to conquer the mighty Aztec empire? 1. Thousands of Native American allies 2. Deadlier weapons 3. Excellent strategy and patience

21 Mystery 100 What does culture mean?
The way of life for a group of people

22 Mystery 200 What is the name of a person who makes a living by buying and selling goods? Merchant

23 Mystery 300 Why are Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain important? They funded Christopher Columbus’s expedition.

24 Mystery 400 Define encounter.
A meeting between two people or two groups

25 Mystery 500 What is the science of determining a ship’s location and direction? Navigation

26 Mystery 600 Explain what the Silk Road was and why the goods were so expensive. A network of overland trade routes that stretched from China to Persia. The goods were not able to be bought anywhere, and they were traded on the Silk Road through various trades.

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