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1 Sciatica

2 What is Sciatica? Discomfort along the sciatic nerve
Often causes back pain Involves pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling of the leg.

3 Caused By: A herniated disk in the back.
Spinal stenosis or piriformis syndrome. Roughening, enlarging, or misaligning of the vertebrate can cause sciatica. Damage to the Sciatic Nerve.

4 Tissues Involved Sciatic Nerve Lower Back Butt-OX
Sometimes in the foot and leg.

5 Signs and Symptoms Sensation changes of the: Weakness of the knee
Back of the calf or sole of the foot Numbness or a decreased sensation Tingling or burning Pain (could be severe) Anything abnormal Weakness of the knee Typically felt on one side on the body

6 More Signs and Symptoms
Pain in the butt or leg and worse when sitting. A constant pain on one side of the butt. A shooting pain that occurs when standing.

7 What Sports Are Involved
Actually this is a very common injury. This occurs in most sports that do a lot of running and put a lot of pressure on the sciatic nerve.

8 Treatment Time See a doctor Rest until inflammation goes down a bit
Heat and ice can feel good on the injured muscles. Be active, helps the inflammation go down. Stretch your back and legs.

9 Age Group This Occurs In
Mostly occurs in the age range of years old. Mostly because of general wear and tear.

10 Recovery Time In most cases pain will last for around 2 weeks to a few months Most people have pain lasting less than 6 weeks.

11 Preventions and Precautions
Keep good posture Keep yours abs and back muscles strengthened. Avoid having objects in your back pocket. Stretch your back properly.

12 Interesting Information
It is rare that the Sciatic nerve will be permanently damaged. Also the herniated disc in the area isn’t in a danger to paralysis. About one in every 50 people experience a herniated disc. 10-25% of them experience it for more than 6 weeks 80-90% of people with Sciatica don’t have to get surgery.

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