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Concussions in Youth Sports The Parents James Cocivera.

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2 Concussions in Youth Sports The Parents James Cocivera

3 What is a Concussion?  Brain injury  Moves, hits inner skull wall  Brain function affected briefly

4 Are Concussions Serious?  Every concussion is serious  Could be life threating if untreated  Symptoms may not occur instantly  You don’t need to lose consciousness to have one


6 What are the effects of a concussion?  Depends on the force of the blow  Common symptoms are  Headache  Amnesia  Confusion  Symptoms can occur hours later

7 How do I know I need to see a doctor?  Must go to emergency room if following symptoms occur  Vomiting  Headaches worsen  Dizziness occurring often  Slurred speech  Stumbling or clumsiness  And many more Go to the emergency room if your child shows any of these symptoms

8 Can having a concussion effect my child's entire life?  Yes we are dealing with the brain.  Three complications can occur according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control)  Epilepsy  Sustain multiple head injuries effect cognitive function and mobility  Second Impact Syndrome

9 Second Impact Syndrome  Athlete returns too soon  Second blow to the head occurs  Head not healed from first concussion  Causes irreversible damage or DEATH

10 Video of Second Impact Syndrome  v=Ai5AXF7XKw8 v=Ai5AXF7XKw8

11 Statistics  50% of second impact syndrome results in death  15.8% of high school football players who loss consciousness due to a concussion returned to the same game  Concussion rates more than doubled among students age 8- 19 participating in sports like basketball, soccer and football between 1997-2007, even as participation in those sports declined.

12 Statistics  A 2011 study of U.S. high schools with at least one athletic trainer on staff found that concussions accounted for nearly 15% of all sports related injuries reported to athletic trainers.  Injuries associated with participation in sports and recreational activities account for 21% of all traumatic brain injuries among children in the United States

13 Areas to look at as a coach What to look for as a coach Unsure of game, score, or opponent Appear dazed or confused Loses consciousness Can’t recall events prior to hit or fall

14 Areas to look at as the player What players would say they feel. I have a headache or pressure in my head They have vomited Balance problems Don’t feel right

15 Best ways to prevent a concussion  Educate the players and their parents about concussions  Promote safety as the number on priority  Can not return to contact sport without a doctors permission to do so  Reiterate not ok to go back in the game when they sustain this injury

16 What do you do if you think your player sustained a concussion  Remove the player immediately from the game  Have the player evaluated by an appropriate healthcare professional  Inform the parents about the player and type of injury  Player can return after a healthcare professional specialized in concussions approves so Players safety comes first!!

17 Proper equipment for the athletes  As coaches make sure all head gear are fitted correctly  Make sure the equipment is appropriate for that position  Up-to-date equipment Proper way to fit a helmetImproper helmet is too big

18 Technique, Technique, Technique  It is imperative that you teach proper form in any contact sports  The right way to tackle  Hip check  Slide and more  8Q&mode=transport 8Q&mode=transport

19 First hand interview about concussions   If you think you have a concussion tell your coach do not hide it and try to fight it  Your life is in your hands

20 Important place for information  The CDC has a great program called “Heads Up Concussions in Youth Sports”  They have an abundant amount of information  Have fact sheets that you can hand out to parents  As a Pop Warner coach I am certified that I passed their concussion test program.

21 Remember…  Every concussion should be treated seriously  Life threatening  Educate the children and adults  Proper technique and equipment

22 References    CTION=tests-and-diagnosis CTION=tests-and-diagnosis   

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