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Welcome Back! Algebra 1 Part 2 Mr. Gurysh. Introduction Married Father of two Daughters Graduate of Penn State University (1992) Penn State Proud! Sports.

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1 Welcome Back! Algebra 1 Part 2 Mr. Gurysh

2 Introduction Married Father of two Daughters Graduate of Penn State University (1992) Penn State Proud! Sports Fan Free Time spent running my girls all over the place 22 nd year of teaching (First @ NHS)

3 Algebra 1 Part 2  Connections to Algebra  Properties of Real Numbers  Solving Linear Equations  Graphing Linear Equations and Functions  Writing Linear Equations  Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities  Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities  Exponents and Exponential Functions  Quadratic Equations and Functions  Polynomials and Factoring  Rational Expressions and Equations  Radicals and More Connections to Geometry

4 Keystone Exams  Keystone Exams are given to any student at the conclusion of a Full Year Algebra 1 Course…in our case Algebra 1 Part 2.  Failure to pass the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam will result in a remediation class requirement in next year’s schedule at NHS.  It is a Graduation requirement to pass the Keystone Exam.

5 Class Expectations Expect to take a lot of notes Expect class to fly by quickly Expect to be challenged Expect homework every night Expect class to be fun (your choice) Expect to be successful (your choice)

6 Classroom Behavior Seated Prepared On Time Respectful Tolerant

7 Materials Needed Textbook (unless a class set is available) 1” Binder with college ruled loose leaf paper Pens/Pencils – No Red Pens! Calculator Ruler – 6” or 12” Agenda Book – Optional

8 Normal Class Day Warm – Up Go over last night’s homework – Ask Questions! Today’s Lesson – Take Notes! Homework

9 Algebra is a disease for which we have a cure! HOMEWORK FACT

10 Importance of Homework Reinforces concepts covered in class Helps in studying for quizzes and tests It is worth 4 points, possibly 10 points if it is a Homework Quiz!





15 Calculators You may use your own calculator for all quizzes and tests (starting in Chapter 3) provided you come to class prepared. Leaving it in your locker does not count as being prepared! Graphing Calculators are not required but they are recommended!

16 Progress Reports Grades will be available online through the Home Access Center and will usually be updated daily. Interim Progress Reports will be posted online in Home Access at the halfway point of each marking period.

17 Classroom Procedures 1.Be on time for class. You must be in the classroom PRIOR to the late bell. Lateness will be recorded on eschool/home access every time it occurs. The third time you are late you will receive an office referral. 2.Always come prepared for class with your textbook, pen/pencil, calculator, notebook/binder, and HOMEWORK. Keep in mind that if you forget something you need, you are out of luck – No Locker Passes! 3.Please sit in your seat once you enter the room. Once you are in the room, you are not to get out of your seat without permission. 4.Once you are in your seat, get out the previous night’s homework, check over it for any questions you may have, and begin the Warm-Up Assignment. 5.During the lesson, take notes. If it is on the board, you should be writing it in your notebook/binder. 6.Once homework has been assigned, begin working on it quietly. 7.If you have something to say, please RAISE YOUR HAND and wait to be called upon. If you have a question, please ASK! (I cannot help you if you are not willing to help yourself!) 8.Restroom privileges are to be used at the beginning or end of class. If possible, please request to use the facilities during the warm-up or after homework has been assigned and not during instruction. Emergencies are obviously a different story. 9.No Electronic Devices are permitted to be used during class. If you break this rule you will receive an office referral.

18 Consequences Consequences for not following classroom procedures or disrupting class in any way read as follows: First Offense:Warning Second Offense:Parental Contact Third Offense:Office Referral

19 Absentee Procedures 1.Class Notes and Warm-Up Assignments should be copied from another student when you return or see me. 2.You can get missed assignments from my website. They are due one day after you return. 3.If you are absent for a single day on which a quiz/test is given, you will be expected to take it the day you return. 4.If you are absent for more than one day at a time, see me to make arrangements. 5.You will be expected to keep up with present assignments while working to make up assignments missed due to an absence. 6.Bottom Line: It is your responsibility to make sure that you have made up all exams, quizzes, and assignments if you are absent. Failure to do so will result in a zero for anything not made up.

20 Grading Procedures Grades will be determined through a point system. Points will be earned as follows: 1.Tests: Tests will usually be given at the end of a chapter or unit and will almost always be worth 100 points. NSD Quarterly Exams will also be given. 2.Quizzes: Quizzes are usually worth 20 – 30 points and are given approximately 2 or 3 times during each chapter. Every so often there may be a “Quest” which is a 50 Point “Hybrid” of a Quiz and a Test. 3.Assignments: Homework is the most common type of assignment but there may also be in-class assignments. Homework assignments are usually worth 4 points and are given almost daily. In-class assignments are similar to homework assignments but must be finished during class time. Occasionally I may give a “Homework Quiz”…This is when I grade your homework based on correctness and not just 4 points for completion as explained below. Homework Quizzes will usually be worth 10 points and will be given randomly and unannounced…This is to keep you from “going through the motions” when completing your homework. Once all of these grades are put together, you can figure out your percent by dividing the total points you’ve earned by the total possible points. Once you have a percent, it will then be assigned a letter grade as follows: A: 90-100 B: 80-89 C: 70-79 D: 60-69 F: Below 60

21 Have you completed your Homework? Have you shown all necessary work? Have you attempted every problem? Have you checked the answers to the odd numbered problems in the back of your book? Have you tried the problem again if it was incorrect? Have you asked questions and fixed the incorrect problems in class the next day? If you can answer “YES” to all of these questions, then your homework is complete. You may earn 2 points for incomplete homework assignments provided they are completed with all answers correct by the next Chapter Test or by the end of the marking period, whichever comes first.

22 Mr. Gurysh’s Website

23 I’m looking forward to a great year with your child! Mr. Gurysh

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