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Battles of World War II. 2 3 Start of WW 2 Germany & Russia Invade Poland - 1939.

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1 Battles of World War II

2 2

3 3 Start of WW 2 Germany & Russia Invade Poland - 1939

4 Blitzkrieg (1939) German “lightening war” Rapid assault backed by tanks, artillery, infantry and airmen. Invasion of Poland, then throughout Eur. clip

5 Battle of Britain (summer 1940) Germany (Luftwaffe) outnumbers Britain (RAF) 4 to 1 in military planes. British losing until Hitler changes plans to attack cities. Airfields + RAF rebuild. End Result: British beat back German assault

6 Pearl Harbor(Dec. 7, 1941) Japanese surprise attack on U.S. naval base; Hawaii. Japanese pilots sunk 4 U.S. battleships; + planes & airfields End Result: 2,402 Americans were killed, next day U.S. declares war on Japan clip

7 Midway (June 1942) Most important naval battle of the Pacific Campaign. Japanese goal = Attack/destroy U.S. fleet to end U.S. involvement in Pacific. Result = Japanese fleet destroyed; Japan’s defensive campaign begins clip

8 El Alamein (Oct.-Nov. 1942) Allied Victory; major turning point in the North African Campaign. German Erwin Rommel “Desert Fox” is defeated and goes to Normandy.

9 Battle of Stalingrad (Aug. 1942-Feb. 1943) USSR vs. Germany for control of Russian City. Russians win Turning point on the eastern front. Bloodiest battle of modern day warfare.

10 D-Day (June 6, 1944) Operation Overlord Allied storming Normandy (Fr.) beaches. Led by General Eisenhower; largest amphibious attack ever used. More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft Allies gained stronghold in Normandy. D-Day clip

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12 Battle of the Bulge (Dec. 1944-Jan. 1945) German attempt to divide and encircle Allied line to force a peace treaty. decisive Allied victory; turning point on W. Front clip

13 13 Germany Surrenders

14 14 - Allies close on Germany from 2 sides. - War ends in Europe

15 Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and 9, 1945) Hiroshima bombed first; three days later Nagasaki. Ended war. + Demonstration to gain respect from other countries.

16 Japanese Surrender Sept. 2 1945 Hostilities of WW 2 over U.S./Allied occupation of Japan begins; ends 1951.

17 Winston Churchill British Prime Minister during WW II; responsible for British resistance against German air assaults.

18 Dwight D. Eisenhower Supreme Commander of Allied forces in Europe during WW II. Planned & Commanded D-Day invasion

19 Franklin D. Roosevelt - U.S. President during most of WW II - worked with Churchill & Stalin leading Allies against Germany & Japan

20 Douglas MacArthur - Allied Commander in Pacific Theatre during WW II - defeated Japanese in S. Pacific/Philippines - Accepted Japanese surrender

21 Harry S. Truman - U.S. President 1945-52 -authorized use of atomic bomb against Japanese -Truman Doctrine = support any country resisting communist aggression. - developed policy of “Containment” against Russia/Communism

22 Erwin Rommel “The Desert Fox” - One of Germany’s most respected military leaders of WW II - Successfully commanded N. African campaign until El Alamein - Commanded D-Day defenses

23 Kamikaze Aerial Japanese suicide bomber. Aim= destroy U.S. warships

24 Marshall Plan 1948 -considered one of the most successful foreign policy initiatives in U.S. history. - contributed to the containment of the spread of communism. - provided 13.3 billion dollars to participating Western European countries and was based on George Marshall’s conviction that economic recovery and stability were vital to the rebuilding of a democratic Europe.

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26 Yalta Conference The Big Three Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin Feb. 1945 Meeting of Big Three Goals: -Post-war Europe -Partition of Germany -Borders of Poland -Russian help w/Japan for lands given to Russia -Framework for U.N. and NATO

27 Iron Curtain military, political, and ideological barrier established between the Soviet bloc and western Europe from 1945 to 1990

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