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Vectors and scalars.

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1 Vectors and scalars

2 Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between scalars and vectors and give common examples
Add vectors by graphical representation to determine a resultant Determine graphically the resultant of two vectors

3 For your notes Define vector and scalar quantities
Give examples of each Add and subtract vectors

4 Scalar quantities only have magnitude (size)
Scalars Scalar quantities only have magnitude (size) e.g. temperature, speed, distance, energy, mass.

5 Vectors are quantities with magnitude and direction.
In pairs develop a list of vector and scalar quantities Which values can be negative? What about temp?

6 Drawing vectors Well duh Use arrows
Length of arrow represents magnitude of vector Direction represents direction of vector Well duh

7 An illustrative example
Speed vs velocity Consider a car travelling in a circle at a constant speed of 2ms-1 Comment in as much detail as possible on The speed The velocity The acceleration

8 Speed vs Velocity

9 Firing a bullet from a Plane
A plane flys at 610 ms-1 it shoots a bullet at 600ms-1. Does it shoot itself down? What is the velocity of the bullet?

10 Adding vectors Draw a diagram like this in your books.
E.g. Scale: 1 cm = 2 cm s-1 the magnitude of P can be calculated using Pythagoras’ theorem: P2 = vh2 + vv2 P Vh Vv

11 Parallelogram of vectors
Draw both vectors from the same point Complete the parallelogram The diagonal is the resultant Measure the length (magnitude )and angle

12 Also You can use a parallelogram drawn to scale to find the components of a force. The most useful components are perpendicular

13 Notes P46-7 Answer all questions.

14 Summary questions Define a vector and a scalar
Give 5 examples of scalar quantities Give 5 examples of vector quantities Draw a scale diagram to add a force of 3N at 30º to the horizontal to a force of 5N at 80º to the horizontal Resolve an acceleration of 2ms-2 at an angle of 25º from North into two perpendicular vectors.

15 Can you? Define vector and scalar quantities Give examples of each
Add and subtract vectors

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