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Ultrasound scanning. Ultrasound scanning equipment.

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1 Ultrasound scanning

2 Ultrasound scanning equipment

3 Ultrasound scanning head

4 Ultrasound imaging: What does it look like?

5 Ultrasound imaging: development of a pregnancy 8 weeks gestation (out of a 40 week pregnancy) 18 weeks 24 weeks

6 Ultrasound imaging: foetus feet This is a 2D ultrasound scan through the foot of a foetus. You can see some of the bones of the foot. We can process the image in a computer to find the outline of the foot. This is called surface rendering. Here, the foot has been surface rendered

7 Ultrasound imaging: more surface rendering

8 Ultrasound image of foetus used with Chapter 1

9 Acknowledgments Slides 2 and 3 is from Computer Screens 10S and slide 8 is from Software Activity 10S of Chapter 1 Imaging, Advancing Physics CD-ROM 2008 Institute of Physics Slides 4 to 7 are from the PowerPoint ‘Medical uses of ultrasound’ published by the Institute of Physics. The full presentation can be found on where further information about medical physics can be found. PowerPoint slides compiled by John Mascall of The King’s School, Ely

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