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Scuola Media Statale ‘’Dante Alighieri’’ Tesina d’esame

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1 Scuola Media Statale ‘’Dante Alighieri’’ Tesina d’esame
su Robin Williams di Inglese Carla Roberta Laurini Classe 3° I Anno 2005/06

2 The importance of “amusing” others is of great value: it is in fact, an effective method to help persons face everyday difficulties, in a different way. Comicality, and the research of humour, stimulates imagination and invention. It facilitates social relationships in the community; it strengthens the physical well-being of the individual.

3 Again, comicality is of fundamental importance for physical health, thanks to it we can “momentarily escape” in different roles and have the ability to “play down” dramatic moments or minimize human behaviours under tragic circumstances.

4 A valid example is Robin Mclaurin Williams
A valid example is Robin Mclaurin Williams. He has been defined as ‘’The man more a musing of the world’’ . Likeable and witty, ironic and weeping, he had a lot of success in the world of the theatre and movie productions, always succeeding in being “unpredictable”.

5 He was born in Chicago (Illinois) 21 July 1951
The American post-world war period, although it differed from that of the European (devastated from the war), was engaged in reconstruction and therefore it lived a very difficult period, where hunger and poverty were common for the greater part of the inhabitants.

6 America, instead, lived the post war in less a emphasized way (with some exceptions). Robin Williams being born, in America and in a wealthy family, had a calm infancy, and did not suffer in a general context, from the problems provoked by the post-war period.

7 Son of a rich manager of the Ford Motor Company , Robert Williams (of English descent, Welsh and Irish) and of a fashion model Laurie, born in New Orleans and of French descent, he was introduced at an early stage, to the world of drama .

8 Strangely, Robin was considered a hermit because of his parents jobs, and spent much of his time alone in the big house, playing with his 2000-strong army of toy soldiers, his imagination running riot. The family moved often and when his father retired, they settled down definitively to California, where he attended advanced schools.

9 He lived in an important historical period, that involved the whole world: the cultural revolution of the '68. The society changed so much, from a rigid world in which it was, to the protest of the juvenile movements, which changed the society radically. ‘’ many do not become knowledgeable of the many changes ‘’.

10 After the degree, he was graduated to the faculty of Political Sciences and, for 3 years, he also, attended the famous Juillard, where he made many friends;. He tied well, above all, with Christoper Reeve (the famous ‘’superman’’).

11 When Reeve was paralysed from the neck down in a horse-riding accident, Robin promised to pay all hospital expenses not covered by insurance and gave him parts in his film.

12 As said, circumstances had turned Robin into an inveterate joker, and he'd further studied the craft by learning the comedy records of Jonathan Winters (his first idol) off by heart. At Claremont, he began taking lessons in improvisation, a discipline suited to his quick wit.

13 After graduation , he attracted attention in theatres and cabaret or while at Juillard, Robin took to performing mime on the streets, often outside the Metropolitan. He acted on the small screen in the part the famous series ‘’Happy Days’’; and the series , ‘’Mork & Mindy’’ from 1978 to In this period unfortunately Robin had a series of problems with drugs.

14 The substance has the power to modify perception and modifies physical requirements (fatigue, hunger, sleep). As a resul t, giving a false image of it’s surrounding atmosphere. Naturally, not all drugs have the same effects, causing equal damages to the organism, but they are however, all dangerous.

15 Robin Williams succeeded to exit slowly and recovered, only after the strong shock for the death of John Belushi, that influenced him. He in fact always says: ‘’Drugs- is way of God to say that -you are making too much money-’’.

16 As far as his sentimental life, he was married with Valerie Velardi, the 4th June 1978, from whom he had a son, Zachary. The marriage lasted ten years and he remarried (Marsha Garces ).

17 Filmography As far as his numerous films, the most important to remember are : Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society, Good morning in Vietnam, Jakob The Liar, Mrs. Duobfire.

18 Patch Adams, it initially paints to us a world characterized by cynicism and indifference, but, the background of this world gives a ray of “ hope”. A story which is found hard to believe, but true and in the meanwhile fantastic.

19 The main character of the film is Hunter Adams, interned in a psychiatric hospital as a consequence to a suicide attempt. Having a sure inclination to human contact, Adams decides, once discharged, to undertake medicine studies. Although he is older than other students he attends the university with optimal credits.

20 The way his colleagues work do not appeal to him too much: indifference and greed in dealing with their own patients, shocks him. He, instead, adores to be to be in tight contact with his patients; to alleviate their suffering: it’s his life philosophy.

21 In order to observe his principles, he violates the rules of the Hospital and begins to visit the sick and assists them. He amuses them with his unpredictable cheer.

22 A touching film, but at the same time it amuses
A touching film, but at the same time it amuses! A comedy movie that gives the possibility to look closer at human relationships. A film where good feelings are the basis and where medical treatments alone, are not enough.

23 The Dead Poets Society, is a simple film pointing out a clear message from the very beginning: Carpe Diem! To always grab the moment and under any circumstance: living intensely every moment of life, to achieve your goals. A film in which poetry flutters constantly, passing from Shakespeare to Whitman.

24 The story’s atmosphere is that of 1959, and the main player is John Keating, neo-teacher of the strictest male Academy in Welton. His methods of instruction are creative and liberal. His students will have a completely different version of life and the world.

25 Good morning in Vietnam
Good morning in Vietnam. A film that projects the problems of the war ironically and philosophically. It is located in the south-east Asian region to the Middle East . War, and the impossibility to establish normal human relationships, contrast of cultures, and confusion are the highlights.

26 The main character is Adrian Cronauer, airman-DJ, that is shipped from Crete to Vietnam to bring humour to Armed Forces Radio. He turns the studio on it’s ear and becomes wildly popular with the troops.

27 Jakob the liar. In 1944 Poland, a Jewish shop keeper named Jakob is summoned to ghetto headquarters after being caught out after curfew. While waiting for the German Kommondant, Jakob overhears a German radio broadcast about Russian troop movements. Returned to the ghetto, the shopkeeper shares his information with a friend and then rumors fly that there is a secret radio within the ghetto.

28 Jakob uses the chance to spread hope throughout the ghetto by continuing to tell favorable tales of information from "his secret radio." Jakob, however, has a real secret in that he is hiding a young Jewish girl who escaped from a camp transport train. A rather uplifting and slightly humorous film about World War II Jewish Ghetto life.

29 Mrs. Duobtfire is the story of Daniel, a failed actor, that, after the divorce, he is force to see his children once a week with great regret. When, he finds out that his wife is seeking a baby sitter, he disguises himself as a maid. This film points out how often parents fail to demonstrate their love.

30 Naturally Robin Williams has interpreted many more films
Naturally Robin Williams has interpreted many more films. There are approximately 60. I have chosen these little films because I think they are the most important and mean more to me. Others Film

31 (2006) The Krazees (2006) Mrs. Doubtfire 2 - Daniel Hillard/Mrs
(2006) The Krazees (2006) Mrs. Doubtfire 2 - Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire (2006) August Rush (2006) Man of the year (2006) Happy feet - (voce) (2006) Vita da camper - Bob McNeive (2006) The night listener - Gabriel Noone (2005) The big white- Paul Barnell (2005) Robots - Fender (voce) (2004) Un amore sotto l'albero - Il prete (non accreditato) (2004) House of D - Pappass (2004) The final cut - Alan W. Hakman (2002) Insomnia - Walter Finch (2002) Eliminate Smoochy - Rainbow Rudolph (2002) One Hour Photo - Seymour "Sy" Parrish (2001) A.I. intelligenza artificiale - Dr. Know (voce) (1999) L'uomo bicentenario - Andrew Martin (1999) Jakob il bugiardo - Jakob Heym (1999) Get Bruce - Se stesso (1998) In My Life - Se stesso (1998) Patch Adams - Hunter "Patch" Adams (1998) Al di là dei sogni- Chris Nielsen (1997) Will Hunting - Genio ribelle - Sean Maguire (1997) Flubber - Un professore tra le nuvole - Professore Philip "Phil" Brainard (1997) Harry a pezzi - Mel (1997) Due padri di troppo - Dale Putley (1996) Aladdin e il principe dei ladri - Voce del Genio (1996) Hamlet - Osric (1996) The secret agent - Il professore (1996) Jack - Jack Powell

32 (1995) A Wong Foo, grazie di tutto
(1995) A Wong Foo, grazie di tutto! Julie Newmar - Non accreditato (1995) Jumanji - Alan Parrish (1995) Nine Months - Imprevisti d'Amore - Dr. Kosevich (1994) In Search of Dr. Seuss (Film Tv) - The Father (1993) Le cinque vite di Hector - Hector (1993) Mrs. Doubtfire - Mammo per sempre - Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire (1992) La foresta incantata - Betty Koda (voce) (1992) Toys - giocattoli - Leslie Zevo (1992) Aladdin - Voce del Genio (1992) From Time to Time - (1991) Rabbit Ears: The Fool and the Flying Ship (video) - Narratore (1991) Shakes the Clown - Mime Jerry (1991) A Wish for Wings That Work - (1991) Hook - capitan Uncino Peter Pan 1991) La leggenda del re pescatore - Parry (1991) L'altro delitto - Doctor Cozy Carlisle (1990) Risvegli - Dr. Malcolm Sayer (1990) Cadillac man, Mister occasionissima - Joey O'Brien (1989) L'attimo fuggente - John Keating (1988) Le Avventure del Barone di Munchausen - King of the Moon (1987) Dear America - lettere dal Vietnam (Film Tv) - Voce (1987) Good Morning, Vietnam - Adrian Cronauer (1986) Club Paradise - Jack Moniker

33 (1983) Come ti ammazzo un killer - Donald Quinelle (1982) Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre (Serie Tv) - Principe ranocchio (1982) Il mondo secondo Garp - T. S. Garp (1980) Popeye - Braccio di ferro - Braccio di Ferro (1979) Laugh-In (Serie Tv) - (1978) Mork & Mindy (Serie Tv) - Mork

34 R. Williams is not only a great actor, and producer, but a man of great social sensitivity. He uses his popularity to help others and society. He's, in fact, engaged in numerous foundations to help the minorities, the poor and the children of the third world of today’s society.

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