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Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego Products and Technologies of PZL-Świdnik Rzeszów, June 28-29th, 2010 Autor:Zenon Witkowski.

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1 Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego Products and Technologies of PZL-Świdnik Rzeszów, June 28-29th, 2010 Autor:Zenon Witkowski

2 PZL-Swidnik Sales structure 58% 7% 12% 13% 8% 2%

3 Company Profile R&D Helicopters Cooperation Customer support Training

4 Main Products The PZL W-3A Sokół is a medium-light, twin engine, single main rotor, multipurpose helicopter with conventional design. Characteristics: -two engines PZL-10W with 900shp power each, -14 seats (including 2 pilot seats), MTOW=6400kg. PZL SW- 4 The PZL SW-4 is a single turbine, light, multipurpose helicopter designed to carry up to 4 passengers and a pilot. The helicopter has a conventional rotor system and is powered by single Rolls-Royce Allison 250 C20-R/2(SP) engine rated at 457shp (336kW). PZL W-3A SOKOL

5 Industrial Cooperation – Helicopter Structures AGUSTAWESTLAND AW139 Fuselage AGUSTAWESTLAND AW109/119 Fuselages EUROCOPTER EC145 Cowlings BELL M 412 Tail Boom

6 GKN AEROSPACE HTF7000 Nacelle Components EADS SOGERMA ATR-72 Centre Wing Box Assembly CESSNA Seat Frames & Engine Mounts EUROCOPTER AIRBUS A320 Belly Fairings PILATUS PC-12 Fuselage structure & Wings Industrial Cooperation – Fixed Wing Structures

7 RATIER - FIGEAC Cable Tension Regulators LATECOERE AIRBUS A 320 Passenger Door Mechanisms EUROCOPTER AIRBUS A320 Aircraft Components Industrial Cooperation – Aircraft Components

8 Industrial Cooperation – Newest

9 Pilatus Programme Turnover Forecast

10 Machining Plant is equipped with the most modern 3 and 5 axis CNC machines dedicated for aluminium, steel, copper alloys and titanium materials. Machined components for all products of PZL-Swidnik are manufactured in this plant. The final assembly of mechanical assemblies, such as landing gears and main hubs, is also carried out there. Manufacturing Capabilities – Mechanics

11 Composite Plant manufactures composite elements and bonded assemblies, including helicopter rotor blades, fuselage structures and fairings. The plant is equipped with the cutting edge equipment, such as: autoclaves, CNC machines for prepregs cutting, CNC 5 axis milling machines for trimming, A- and C-scan NDT equipment, and laser projectors Virtek. Manufacturing Capabilities - Composites

12 Surface Treatment & Coating Plant performs coating treatments of aluminium, steel, copper alloys, titanium and other materials. Processes carried out in this Plant fulfil the requirements of the latest and highest quality, technical and environment protection standards. Manufacturing Capabilities – Surface Treatment

13 R&D AGUSTAWESTLAND AW 139 FuselageEUROCOPTER EC 145 Cowlings PZL-Swidnik has been involved in the design, development, and certification of helicopters for over 50 years. The activity of Research and Development Centre comprises designing (on the basis of ANSYS, MSC/PATRAN, MSC/NASTRAN, ADAMS, ABAQUS, FLUENT, CATIA UNIGRAPHICS); ground tests, flight tests, integration of weapons, navigation and communication systems on helicopters manufactured by PZL-Swidnik, and upgrading of primary helicopter units.

14 Manufacturing Capabilities - Aerostructures Structures and sub-assemblies are put together at Aviation Plant. There are located final assembly lines of helicopters and structural components of fixed wings and helicopters. For the running programs only, we have delivered close to 1100 shipsets of AgustaWestland helicopter complete fuselages and tail booms, 300 shipsets of ATR-72 Centre wing box skeletons, more than 2000 shipsets of doors for Airbus aircraft, 170 Bell 412 helicopter tail booms, nearly 560 engine nacelles for Challenger 300 aircraft and a variety of Cessna aircraft components.

15 Customers

16 European Projects ON-WINGS

17 JTI The program is devided in 7 areas: GRC1 – Innovative blades GRC2 – Drag reduction GRC3 – Innovative Electrical System GRC4 – Installation Diesel Engine on Light H/C GRC5 – Environmental Flight Paths GRC6 – Eco-design GRC7 – Technology Evaluator Time schedule: July 2008 ~ 2015 (2017) PZL budget is 8.47mln

18 Superior Purpose of JTI

19 Quality Policy of the Company PZL-Swidnik SA implemented and continuously develops Quality System, which covers the following elements: Quality Policy Quality System Documentation Company Organisation Structure

20 PART 21 Design Organisation PART 145 Maintenance Organisation PART 21 Production Organisation Quality Policy of the Company

21 Many Thanks For Your Attention Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego PZL-Świdnik Spółka Akcyjna an AgustaWestland Company al. Lotników Polskich 1, Świdnik

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