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Urban Transport BenchMarking

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1 Urban Transport BenchMarking
Public Transport Organisation & Policy Group The case of Athens PT System Nellie Tzivelou OASA, Transport Planning & Development Dept.

2 Overview of the Public Transportation System in Athens
Ministry of Transport & Communications Athens Urban Transport Organization ETHEL Thermal Buses ISAP Electrical Railways ILPAP Electrical Buses AMEL Metro SUBURBAN RAIL TRAM

3 Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA)
OASA Group Metropolitan Public Transport Authority Responsible for the planning, co-ordination and control of all public transport modes in the greater Athens area (thermal buses, trolley buses, metro) 3 affiliated companies responsible for the execution of transport services ETHEL S.A. (thermal bus operation) ILPAP S.A. (trolley bus operation) ISAP S.A. (Metro Line 1 operation) OPERATION COMPANY

4 Institutional Framework
OASA : legal entity of Private Law, totally owned by the Greek State, operates under the supervision & control of the Ministry of Transport & Communications, assigns the operation & exploitation of transport service to SA corporations, enters into business contract agreements with the affiliated companies, established in 1993.

5 Institutional Framework
E.TH.EL established in 1994 as an affiliated company of OASA I.L.P.A.P. established in 1970, is a public corporation and fully belongs to the Greek State. Since 1998 is an affiliated company of OASA I.S.A.P. established in 1976, and since 1998 is an affiliated company of OASA A.M.E.L established in 2001 as an affiliated company of Attiko Metro SA. AMEL will merge with ISAP within 3 years from the start of operation of metro lines 2 & 3 and subsequently supervised by OASA

6 Organisation of Athens PT
PT in Athens is operating under an authority initiative regime , (the right of initiative to create PT services is reserved to the organising authority) Direct management by the administration of OASA 100% regulated market OASA not only sets the rules for the operators, but also defines the scheduling, monitors the results and covers the financial deficits. Also is responsible for the definition of service, quality management, fares & ticketing, information & promotion, etc. Operators responsible for network management

7 Organisation of Athens PT
Targets : Financial results improvement Customer oriented PT system development Modernisation of services Integration of the new modes (tram & suburban) Means of planning : Implementation of the Strategic Plan Development of OASA and the operating companies Business Plan Contracts

8 Contracts 2 year management contracts planned, but not finalised and signed yet Include provisions & terms for the implementation of the transport service by the affiliated companies Accomplish the objectives of the Strategic Plan and the Business Plan Financial indicators, quality indicators and business plan objectives

9 Contracts Direct award to transport operators
Industrial risk (operating costs) and commercial risk (revenues) taken by OASA OASA collects the fare revenues and distributes them to the transport operators as remuneration, covers the operating deficits and the cost of investment. OASA monitors the respect of the set of specifications and the good execution of the service through qualitative & quantitative assessments.

10 Athens Bus Network Responsible for Bus Operations : ETHEL
308 Bus lines total length of bus lines (2 directions) : Km trips per day 1.700 buses for daily operations Daily traffic: passengers

11 Trolley Network Responsible for trolley operations: ILPAP 22 lines
total length (2 directions): 379 Km 2.360 trips per day 280 trolleys in operation Daily traffic: passengers

12 Athens Metro Network 3 lines in total Peak Hour Headway 2,5 min (ISAP)
Metro Line 1 : ISAP Metro Lines 2 & 3 : AMEL Peak Hour Headway 2,5 min (ISAP) 3 min (Lines 2&3) Time of operation 05: :30 Daily passenger traffic passengers

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