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Ain Jõesalu Euregio Pskov-Livonia Executive director, section Estonia 19.09.2012, Võru.

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1 Ain Jõesalu Euregio Pskov-Livonia Executive director, section Estonia , Võru

2 In Karlskrona (Sweden) signed the memorandum of cooperation signed a declaration of cooperation in Pskov (Russian) was approved the regulation of Council of Cooperation in Border Regions (CCBR) introduced the Executive institution (confirmed the Directorate) CCBR was reformed as Euregio Pskov – Livonia


4 ESTONIA 4 associations of municipalities in counties - Põlva, Valga, Viljandi, Võru LATVIA 12 municipalities – Aluksne, Ape, Baltinava, Balvi, Cibla, Karsava, Ludza, Rugaji, Smiltene, Valka, Vilaka, Zilupe PSKOV OBLAST Pskov city 5 rayons – Gdov, Pechory, Pskov, Pytalovo, Sebež Territory km² Population ( )



7 COUNCIL Working groups Presidium of EUREGIO Directorate President, 2 vice-presidents EUREGIO PSKOV-LIVONIA Section Pskov EUREGIO PSKOV-LIVONIA Section Latvia EUREGIO PSKOV-LIVONIA Section Estonia Co-operation AGREEMENT Three times a year Once a year x x x Chairmen 3 separately legal entities with their own statutes, financing and decission making institutions 7

8 1. Development of Euregio as a strong international organisation 2. Dissemination of information about cross-border co- operation 3. Promotion of youth co-operation ( youth section of Euregio established ) 4. Rising the funds for the development of border regions (cross-border co-operation projects) 5. Involving the SMS-s into the cross-border activities (tourism, partneriats etc). 6. Promotion of the contacts between people and organisations in border territories – culture, education, sport

9 Expierence of administrative reform in Euregio Pskov – Livonia(TACIS) Exchange of information in border regions (PHARE) BEN project (INTERREG III B) BALTIC TANGENT (INTERREG IIIC) Project for people with special needs (Latvia – Estonia - Russia) DLA project (INTERREG IV C) SDF (Latvia - Estonia),umbrella project, 20 small projects, 6000 participants

10 Euregio Pskov-Livonia is for continuing of EstLatRus programme Northern part of Latgale in Estonia-Latvia programme (8 municipalities) Put down Small Projects in Programmes as a measure (up to euro) By decision making the local authorities as representatives of population to be involved Reduce the eligible territory Pre-financing in Estonia-Latvia programme Creation of job places in border regions, support of business environment


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